What are OKRs?

How to set, use, and succeed with Objectives and Key Results?

Let’s get real with Objectives and Key Results

OKRs are not the easiest methodology to pick up, as countless articles and books out there would have you believe. Most books on the subject start by highlighting how they can revolutionize your company and boost productivity across your entire company, but they don’t give you much info on how to actually go about it.

What are OKRs?

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What are OKRs?
What are OKRs?

This book cuts through the corporate buzzwords and actually answers What are OKRs? and how you can get started and implement the methodology.

  • What are OKRs?
  • What is Goal Setting?
  • Benefits of OKRs
  • Getting Started with OKR
  • OKR Examples
  • How to Implement OKRS

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