Weekdone Academy #1: Creating great teams - June 6th 2014

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Jüri Kaljundi, Co-founder, Weekdone

Employee engagement is considered to be the number one reason behind employee productivity.

Conquer the tipping point in employee engagement

Let's face it, the way a lot of people work today, is not working. It is time to embrace change and make employees more engaged. [infographic] Continue reading

The Failure of Traditional Performance Reviews

Some experts call annual performance reviews "workplace bullying". Is there light at the end of the tunnel? What about modern mobile continuous feedback tools? Continue reading

Make your bed. Change the world.

In the commencement speech at University of Texas, U.S. Navy Admiral McRaven shared 10 great personal stories and lessons learned from his Navy SEAL training. [video] Continue reading

Show Some Love: Why It Pays to Praise

Commendation. Praise. "A job well done". Whatever you want to call it, "it" is sorely missing in today's fast-paced, high-pressure, production-oriented environment. Continue reading

23 Tools to Make Feedback Meaningful

Phin Barnes, partner at First Round Capital and ex creative director for AND1 footwear, sums up his lessons learned for giving and oftentimes receiving feedback and criticism. Continue reading

How to Create Epic Success

There is no top end for you. You can get to next level of world class. In this beautiful video from Seychelles, leadership expert Robin Sharma shares 6 rituals of enormously successful humans. [video] Continue reading

Be Like President Eisenhower

A great president. An extraordinary military leader and strategist. What can we do in our everyday life today to be as successful as him? Continue reading

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