Weekdone Leadership Academy #10: Making Teamwork a Success - September 18th 2014

"Where's your will to be weird?" Jim Morrison once asked. Being a leader or manager does not mean being boring and strict. Be yourself. Your people might like it. Go, try it.

Amplify Team Success

Making Distributed Teamwork a Success

The joys and sorrows of working across different countries are familiar to many. We sat down with AgoraPulse, to hear how they handle the challenges of working between San Francisco, Paris and Singapore and what role Weekdone has played in that. Read more

Grow A Business

How To Grow A Business To $100 Million

Lessons from someone who's done it twice, but also gone from $400 million to bankruptcy.Continue reading

Great leader

Want to Be a Great Leader? Act Weirder

There are plenty of benefits of showing your true self, quirks and all, around your employees. Continue reading

Give Employees Free Time

Why Give Employees Free Time at Work?

Some call it slack. Why is it important to have free time on the job?
Continue reading

Art of Candor

The Lost Art of Candor in the Workplace

Great work is contingent on a willingness to be judged.
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What People Really Think of Their Managers

Survey: here's what 1000 people had to say about their managers.
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Employee engagement

Kevin Kruse on Employee Engagement

What NYT best-selling author had to say about getting people engaged.
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Fewer and shorter Meetings

6 Steps to Fewer and Shorter Meetings

Meetings are tedious and often not needed. How to cut down on them?
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Cancel a meeting

How to Cancel a Meeting the Right Way

It's happened to all of us: someone cancelling on us. How to do it right?
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You Need to Delegate

You're best in everything you do (or so we think), but you have to let go.
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Best leader

10 Things The Best Leaders Never Say

There are certain damaging words and phrases great leaders would never say.
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New Habits

4 Simple Ways to Build New Work Habits

Here are four easy ways - backed by research - to build new work habits.
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What Your Team Can Teach You on Leadership

What's the most surprising thing one of your direct reports has taught you about leadership?
Continue reading

Happy Business Owners

Things Happy Business Owners Do Differently

Be happy - or get happy! Here's what happy entrepreneurs do.
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Death to the meeting

Death to the Meeting: You Only Need Two a Year

Meetings lead to bad decisions. They are bad for information sharing as well.
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