Weekdone Leadership Academy #11: Improve your next meeting - September 25th 2014

It's strange to think how much time all of us spend in meetings, and at the same time, how negative people usually are about them. Shouldn't we as leaders do something? Having less meetings is one great way, but what about improving how we conduct them?

Team meeting checklist

Improve Your Next Team Meeting

Meetings - the one thing that can be improved in 90% of cases. Use this interactive tool and good meeting checklist to remind yourself how. Then share the secrets with your team for your next meeting. Try the tool

Not a manager

It's Perfectly OK Not to Be a Manager

A new survey shows only 34% of people want to lead. The older you are, the less you want to do it. Continue reading

Work and rest

Work for 52 Minutes, Rest for 17

Big data study finds most productive people work in sprints. Follow the patterns.
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3 Ways to Drive Sales Rep Motivation

Salespeople are not coin-operated. They're goal-driven. Here's how to motivate them.
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New Leaders

Improvements New Leaders Bring

How do millennials and new leaders improve team communications?
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Test your business skills

Quizzes to Test Your Business Skills

15 selected tests to assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
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Public-Speaking Rock Star

Be a Public-Speaking Rock Star

From dreading speaking to filling stadiums, pastor Joel Osteen tells how to do it.
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Open office

Open Office or Private Space? Both!

Zoning of this award-winning office space divides work and rest the best you can.
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Game-Changing Ideas

Game-Changing Ideas from Peter Thiel

10 takeaways on entrepreneurship and more from a speech by PayPal co-founder.
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Richard Branson

Leadership Principles of Richard Branson

Three most important ideas about his rule-breaking leadership style.
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Meaningful meetings

The Art of Meaningful Meetings

There's only one reason for a meeting: the collective wisdom of the group.
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Rockstar CEO

New Models: How Leadership is Changing

Time of rock-star CEO's is over.
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30 Criteria for an Effective Team Meeting

Here's what you should be doing before, during and after the meeting
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Leader with a Personal Mission

Become a Leader with a Personal Mission

A 3-step process to formulate your own personal mission statement.
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Distributed Team Friction

Ways to Crush Distributed Team Friction

Make your distributed team into a well-oiled machine with these tips.
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Be a Better Boss

5 Ways to Be a Better Boss

Motivate your employees properly and make work meaningful.
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Great Leaders

Great Leaders Think Simply

Illustrating what simple thinking means for a leader.
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Leadership is About to Get More Uncomfortable

In times of social media, employees know everything about you.
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