Weekdone Leadership Academy #12: The Best Leadership Writing - October 3rd 2014

"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people," said Mahatma Gandhi. This is something we believe in: your people are your greatest asset. How you work together and communicate with them is the greatest skill.

Top 15 Team Leadership Blogs

Top 15 Team Leadership Blogs

Sharing how other leaders and managers run their teams is a big goal for us. Here is our selection of 15 sites on leadership to keep an eye on. Pay them a visit. Continue reading

LinkedIn CEO

LinkedIn CEO on Doubt and Mistakes Made

In interview with Jeff Weiner, read about the importance of body language, fear and missteps. Continue reading

American Bird Conservancy

How ABC Employees Know the Beat of the Team

Tips from American Bird Conservancy to make internal communications work in your team.
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Flexible Work Options

Try Implementing Flexible Work Options

To increase employee engagement, being more open and flexible can be magic.
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Workplace Optimism

The Role of Workplace Optimism

Without workplace optimism talented people leave companies.
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Leadership Theories

Ten Leadership Theories in Five Minutes

There's nothing so practical as a good theory. Here are ten of them.
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Leadership Dilemma

The Leadership Dilemma: Direct or Empathetic

As a leader, you need to make choice on how you interact with your team.
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Coaching Questions

Coaching Questions Leaders Need to Ask

Take a quick step back and evaluate some areas of your life.
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Fun Conference Call

A Conference Call in Real Life

A fun video on conference calls - many of which could be avoided.
Watch the video


How CEO's Waste 70% of Their Time

First Round Capital Partner on making your days more efficient.
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Leadership Reality

How to See Your Leadership Reality

The first step to make any changes is to understand the current state of leadership.
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Best Books on Leadership

5 Best Books on Leadership

GE executives share their favourite leadership books.
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John Cleese

John Cleese on Stupidity

Why extremely stupid people do not have the capability to realize how stupid they are.
Watch now

Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mistakes to Avoid in One-on-Ones

Making those reviews between you and your employees better.
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Decision-making Table

Bringing Employees to Decision-making Table

A fundamental desire of employees is to have a say in the company they work for.
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