Weekdone Academy #2: Supercharge your team this summer - June 20th 2014

As the summer rolls in, the sun comes out (we hope!). The team often seems to run in slow motion. It's the season of great holidays. How to survive this summer and supercharge your team? We have some answers.

Employee engagement is considered to be the number one reason behind employee productivity.

Keeping Your Team Focused This Summer

According to a survey, bad weather is better than good at sustaining people's attention. Here are a few tips on how to survive a sunny summer. Continue reading

The Art of the OKR

The OKR approach to setting goals has been used at Google, Intel, Zynga. It is spreading like wildfire across successful companies. Those companies are growing like weeds. Here's a primer on doing the same. Continue reading

The World's Coolest Offices

Summer is the best time to make some changes to your office design. From London to Toronto, here is some inspiration from all over the world. Continue reading

Thomas Edison

Edison's Midnight Lunches with Team

Why on earth did inventor Thomas Edison have midnight sandwiches and drinks with his teams? Should you do the same? Continue reading

Conquer the World, Even When Continents Apart

This summer, let the team work from wherever they want. See if remote working is something for you when taking over the world. Continue reading

The Monty Python Guide to Better Leadership

Life is fun, and so should be your work. Use some humour. Here are six quotes you can use from "Holy Grail." Continue reading

Practice Seeing to be a Better Leader

For a lean leader, seeing is one of the foundational skills. Be mindful about everything around you. Take your time to reflect. But what is seeing? Continue reading

Avoid the Feedback Sandwich

There is nothing wrong with negative feedback. Just don't deliver it poorly. Improve the quality of your team member feedback. Continue reading

Is Your Team Able to Create a Symphony?

Does everyone know their role in their team? Having clear roles, objectives and expectations, a beautiful melody will appear. [video] Watch now

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