Weekdone Academy #4: Discover the Perfect Reporting Process - July 31st 2014

Great companies consist of great teams. In order for you to communicate and collaborate with your awesome team, we have outlined the perfect reporting process. Plus, we have a great offer to share with you, the best stories on team leadership and some inspirational material to keep you fueled up.

The Perfect Progress Report Process

The Perfect Progress Report Process

Imagine a team - John, the leader, and his people. Day by day they go about their business. What can they do to achieve maximum from their daily interactions? We pictured how we see their ideal communication process. [interactive]
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the Power in Team Collaboration

Unleashing the Power in Team Collaboration

At any given moment, there is a certain amount of untapped power in your team. One way to unleash it is by exploiting the three P-s: progress, plans and problems.
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Become the Leader Your Team Needs

We met up with Oren Ellenbogen, the man behind Software Lead Weekly newsletter and the author of the Engineering Manager Handbook. Get his insights on leadership and a special offer for our readers. Continue reading

OKR mistakes

Typical OKR Mistakes

Setting objectives is the most intuitive thing a leader should do? Right. But what happens when you fail? Don.t panic, here are some typical OKR mistakes and easy solutions to fix them.
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Fighting Exhaustion with Delegation

After your business starts growing, it.s impossible to manage all roles at once. So, if you wish to avoid exhaustion and burnout, learn the wonderful skill called delegation. Continue reading

Slacking off

Lack of Slack = Lack of Innovation

Creativity unleashes productivity, but it takes time to unleash creativity. Without taking time to put your feet up and stare off into space, creativity will live in a cave. Continue reading

Barry Schuler Talks About the Most Important Skill

In this video Barry Schuler, American Internet entrepreneur, talks about building teams. Bringing in famous case studies from Facebook and Apple he talks about how surrounding yourself with the right hires is essential for success. [video] Watch the video


Inspiration to Fuel You Up

Feeling like running out of energy? We have compiled some famous inspirational quotes from Benjamin Franklin to Steve Jobs. All for the sake of helping you find the strength to become the best leader you can be.
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8 Complaints Your Team Has About You

Every employee has a boss and at least one complaint about him or her. Here is a list of 8 typical complaints. Dealing with these issues will make you stand out as a great boss. Continue reading

Joy and happiness

Be Specific in Feedback to Reduce Conflict

Most employees need some real information on how they are doing. Few encouraging words just don.t cut it anymore. Sharing observations in detail can reduce confusion and increase clarity. Continue reading

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