Weekdone Leadership Academy #9: The Techniques to Amplify Team Success - September 11th 2014

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success," said Henry Ford. The articles below tell the story of improving working together. Enjoy!

Amplify Team Success

One Powerful Technique to Amplify Team Success

Before building great companies, we need great employees. Keeping up with your team and keeping them happy is crucial. How to spot the management techniques that are worth experimenting with? Read more

Things Bosses Never Tell

Things Bosses Never Tell Employees, but Should

Here are things leaders wish they could say to their employees ... but never do.
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Questions to ask

10 Questions to Ask Your Employees Right Now

Do we as leaders and managers actually know, what our people think? Nope. Here is how to find out. Continue reading

Positive Workplace

How to Build a More Positive Workplace

Taking an active role to encourage a more positive workplace can be a worthy investment. Continue reading

Management intuition

Management intuition for the next 50 years

The collision of tech disruption, rapid emerging-markets growth, and widespread aging are changing management.
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How to motivate people

Science: How to Motivate People

What does it take for people to really give their best at work?
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Employee Recognition

Why is Employee Recognition Such a Problem?

Managers understand recognition is important. But why is it still an issue?
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Great Startup COO

Hiring a Great Startup COO

What do COOs actually do for startups and how to get one? Stephano Kim, veteran entrepreneur, shares his opinion. Continue reading

How Smartest People Prioritize

How Smartest People Prioritize Their Days

Try these odd and outside-the-box ideas for sorting your days.
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Basecamp Dashboard

Enhance Basecamp with a Visual Dashboard

Are you using Basecamp for your projects? Try this visual dashboard. Continue reading

Likeable CEO

7 Traits of Likeable CEO's

Be more charismatic, more respectable, and, ultimately, more successful.
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Customer support

Why Every Employee Should Do Customer Support

Many top companies start on-boarding from having new hires do support.
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Design Is Not Art

Design Is Not Art

There's a confusion that design is a form of art. It's not.
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Why Introverts Can Be Great Leaders

Bill Gates. Warren Buffett. Larry Page. All introverts. Why are they the best leaders?
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Culture - The Leadership Mirror

A quick primer on how to change the reflection of who you are.
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Learn or Die

Interview with Edward Hess, author, on learning organizations. Continue reading

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