Weekdone Preise - Kostenlos für bis zu 3 Nutzer

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$90 month, billed annually

$ 1,080 annually for 10 user package.

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What’s Included?

No bait and switch. One simple package structure with all the features, full support, and OKR coaching included as part of the subscription.

Core Features

  • OKRs and Weekly Planning
  • Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFR)
  • Clear dashboards and progress breakdowns by user
  • True OKR alignment (top down or bottom up)
  • Company TV Dashboards and Custom Reports

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Get all the coaching to fully implement Weekdone and OKRs:

  • A dedicated OKR Coach (a person)
  • Live Chat support
  • Set-up and Onboarding
  • Team Trainings
  • Live Webinars
  • Personalized Quarterly OKR Reviews

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Weekdone works with your existing tools. Built-in, custom integrations for:

  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Google Tasks

Over 1,500+ integrations through Zapier and custom API access and SSO.

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What people are saying?

“ Weekdone is the only tool we found that works well with quarterly OKRs. It reflects the progress of the whole company and everything is visible to everyone. ”

“ The clear benefit of Weekdone is that we are more aligned, structured, and people feel more connected. ”

“ Seeing what people are doing and having an automated report is a value in itself. ”

“ I hadn't seen the combination of PPP reporting and OKRs done anywhere else and I really liked the simplicity of how they all merge. ”

“ We have found that Weekdone has improved our meetings – we are able to move to more strategic discussions since we can go to Weekdone to read our goals and accomplishments from the past week. ”

“ Weekdone is one of the maps or compasses I use to determine where I should focus my time to help the team and company be successful. ”

“ Weekdone creates a circular effect of reporting and rather than responding to an email you can comment directly on Weekdone ”

“ Weekdone helps to train people to use objectives and key results in the right way ”

“ Weekdone gives a good overview on how the company is structured internally ”

“ Because we have offices all over Europe, it can be difficult to always keep communication flowing. We are really conscious of spending too much time on meetings, so Weekdone is a good solution. ”

Pricing FAQ

Is it really free for 3 users?

Yes, free for up to three users. The account is 100% fully functional and you have access to all included features.

How long is our Weekdone data kept?

Your data remains accessible while you use Weekdone. If you stop using Weekdone, you can request to have your data deleted and we will remove all data from the Weekdone account. We comply with GDPR data protection regulations for the handling and anonymization of personal data.

What happens when I add more than 3 users?

Once you have more than 3 users, you will enter a 14 day free trial. You can add as many users as you like during your trial. After your 14 days you can enter a paid subscription to continue usage.

Are all the features actually included?

Yes! ALL ARE INCLUDED. You can read about all the features here. The free package for up to 3 users also contains all features.

How is my personal data handled?

We are fully GDPR compliant and our data is stored in the EU. We can provide a DPA on request. Read more on our security.

Is individual Training & Support Included?

Yes! We know that transitioning to OKRs can be challenging. For that, we provide live help and training in addition to our live chars and instruction materials to personally get you and your company onboarded. Read about everything included here.

Do you have materials to help support and onboard our users?

We have a full learning center for Leaders, Managers, and Users of Weekdone. Support is not just limited to admins, but you can also schedule a live web conference call or training with our experienced OKR coaches or onboarding staff for your entire team.

Does the price change as we grow?

Don’t fear surprise price hikes, we have per user pricing which decreases per user as you grow. You can also change from a monthly to annual plan at any time to save 20%, two months free!

What if I need some quick help?

We have a live support accessible for all users. Feel free to reach out at any time. For any additional questions email us at sales@weekdone.com or send us a message on our Support Chat below.

Onboarding timeline

At Sign-up Introductory Call - to introduce you to the platform and better understand your needs 30 min.
During Trial Set-up and Onboarding - to help you get your account set-up and ready for testing 30 min.
Post Payment Getting Started Call - to discuss your goals and come up with a personalized program to fit you and your organization’s unique needs 30 min.
Week 1 Team Training - to guide your team leads through the system and make sure they’re equipped to implement OKRs with their team 45 - 90 min
Week 2-3 OKR Consultation - to get feedback on your OKRs and review your Weekdone usage 30-45 min.
1st Month Q & A - to answer and questions you or your team have about using Weekdone or OKRs 30 min.
Quarterly Quarterly Review - to review the progress of your OKR and Weekdone usage and plan for the next quarter 30 min.