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Weekly Plan and Achievement Sharing

Weekdone weekly reporting allows for teams to create, share, and align your weekly plans across team. This not only provides valuable information for managers, but helps teams communicate and stay up to date.

Track and Manage Projects

Utilize hashtags to group projects, tasks, accounts or anything you like together. Click on or search for a hashtag to pull up your various tagged tasks in an organized view.

Provide Employee Feedback

Provide personalized and private feedback to keep everyone on track and motivated with our weekly employee review system.

NEW: Share What’s Important

Private items allow you to keep track of your personal to-do list, thus allowing your colleagues to stay focused and aware of only the most important updates you share.

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For Ebury, Weekdone provided a perfect solution for grouping everybody together and using weekly reports.


“ Weekdone creates a circular effect of reporting and rather than responding to an email you can comment directly on Weekdone ”

Quarterly Objective and Goal Management

Weekdone lets you focus on what's important with quarterly goal setting. You can establish and keep track of goals throughout the whole company with our OKR system, dashboards, and downloadable reports.

Set and Manage Goals

Using the Objectives and Key Results methodology you can create, share, and assign objectives at a company, department, team, and personal level.

Streamline Your Goals

Making sure everyone's work aligns with the company's goals and vision is important. With OKR linking you can connect objectives between levels, so that progress at the personal level can feed into accomplishing goals all the way up to the company level.

Track Objective Progress

Don’t just set and forget! Keep constant track of your goals and objectives with our OKR graphs and progress indicators. The ability to link weekly plans to and comment on OKRs provides even more visibility on how progress is being achieved.

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zlien was looking for the best OKR tool and Weekdone offered the best functionality and structure


“ Weekdone helps to train people to use objectives and key results
in the right way ”

Performance Analysis

Weekdone automates the reporting process by providing a beautiful report at the end of each week, where you can keep track of the current status of your team.

New: Personal Dashboard

Everyone can keep track of their own progress and success with a smartdashboard, where you can view metrics on your weekly and long term performance.

Customized Team Reports

View and download detailed reports by users, item categories, projects, objectives, and time at any time. Presented in esthetic, straightforward graphs, available in both PDF or XLS.

Live News Feed

Check the Weekdone Buzz to see what your team is up to. You’ll receive a live feed of what’s getting done and can even make posts and ask questions to better communicate with your team.

Get started with Performance Analysis

Weekdone enabled Whole Foods Market to stay connected and clearly see what each of them was doing


“ We are able to move to more strategic discussions since we can go to Weekdone to read our goals and accomplishments from the past week. ”

Work on the Go

Keep you and your team updated thanks to on the go reporting via iOS, Android, and mobile web apps.

Seamless Integrations

Integrations with Slack, Asana, Jira, Google tasks, and Basecamp. Don’t see your app? Use Zapier to connect almost any application on the web to Weekdone. RESTful API available.

Need Some Extra Help?

We’ve prepared plenty of helpful guides, tutorials, videos and presentations to get you and your team started and using Weekdone in no time.

Personalized Onboarding

We offer concierge onboarding to guide you through the program and provide consultation for setting OKRs.Contact us at any time through email or our live-chat.

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