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Quarterly Objectives

Quarterly Objectives +
Key Results

Organize your goals and improve team coordination with OKR

Visualize the Big Picture with Goal Hierarchy

Align company, department, team, and personal goals to see everyone's contributions come together.

Share and Track the Progress of Objectives

Don’t just set and forget! Check in weekly to track the progress of your goals and metrics.

Understand Your Team’s Status at a Glance

Real-time dashboards let you see if everyone is on track to achieving their goals.

Weekly Planning

Track weekly activities to create more visible and interconnected teams

Weekly Planning

Keep Updated with Your Team's Activities

Know what high-level plans are achieved each week to inform your planning and decisions.

Stay Up to Date with Everyone’s Plans, Progress, and Problems

Replace weekly stand-up meetings with quick and simple online check-ins.

Gauge the Performance of Your Team

View trend reports to analyze changes in your team’s performance from week to week.

1 on 1s


Support and guide your team with personalized discussions

Hold Private Employee Reviews and Discussions

Ask questions, provide feedback, and give praise or guidance directly to individual employees.

Supplement Your Offline One-on-one Meetings

Have the documentation and support materials needed to hold structured and effective offline 1:1s.

Stay Organized with Private Notes

Write down personal reminders or evaluate your weeks and days as you go.

Feedback & Recognition

Praise progress towards goals and boost morale with peer recognition

Feedback & Recognition

Engage with Your Team and Their Activities

Provide positive reinforcement with simple comments and likes to acknowledge your team’s hard work.

Measure Team Satisfaction and More

Use one-click 5-point ratings to understand how your team is feeling each week.

Boost Morale with Peer-to-Peer Praise

Employees can encourage and support each throughout the week.

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