Save time with effective team meetings

Progress reports that improve your team meetings. Make meetings productive. Move straight to strategic discussions.

  1. 1 Team shares plans, progress and problems.
  2. 2 Everyone receives automatically compiled progress reports
  3. 3 Employees are well prepared for weekly staff meetings

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The Whole Foods Market

Read how The Whole Foods Market improved their team meetings:

"We have found that Weekdone has improved our meetings – we are able to move to more strategic discussions since we can go to Weekdone to read our goals and accomplishments from the past week."

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More productive staff meetings

Everyone is aware of each others' progress. You are able to move straight to important matters.

How Whole Foods improved their meetings

Save hours each week

You are always aware of team status, key plans and progress. Fewer impromptu team meetings needed.

Teamwork without meetings

No extra effort to preparations

Progress reports contain all the necessary Information for your staff meetings. No extra effort to pull the agenda together.

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Read how Status Reports helped AgoraPulse go remote

"The best thing about Weekdone is that it has allowed us to go remote. Before we were using Google Docs, that was just painful. With Weekdone I do my report, it takes 5 minutes and I am done."

Richard Beeson - AgoraPulse

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“ Very simple and effective performance management tool. You want a tool like this to keep going with the productivity of your people. ”

Get feedback for your team

See the key tasks and ideas via condensed weekly status report or daily newsfeed.

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Visual team dashboard

Make informed decisions by quickly seeing trends and performance on a wonderfully informative dashboard.

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Objectives and Key Results

Set and monitor employee goals and their measurable results via OKRs, like Google, LinkedIn and others do

Learn more about OKRs

Plans, Progress, Problems

Weekly team reporting process PPP used in and loved by eBay, Skype and Facebook.

Learn the process

“ Absolutely loving working with Weekdone. If you have any sort of team and you need a simple, and highly effective team reporting tool, at a great price I suggest you get onto it. ”

Mobile apps

Apps for Android and iOS make reading and entering your tasks and status reports on the go a breeze.

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Save 5+ hours each week

Less meetings and wasted time. Fewer random e-mails in your inbox.

Teamwork without meetings

Increase engagement and communication

Your people working together better by sharing information and helping each-other.

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More productive team

Making sure plans set by your people follow set objectives and people do what matters.

“ Weekdone has been the perfect tool for our remote team to keep track of daily and weekly plans and stay focused on getting the right things done, rather than just creating the appearance of being busy. ”

OKR - Objectives and Key Results

Do like Google, LinkedIn and many others do. Use OKRs for goal-setting.

It's the best practice of setting and sharing company, team and personal objectives and measuring key results.

Suitable for your organization type:

“ Thanks to Weekdone’s team management software, we’re remote, but not scattered, operating efficiently in over 120 countries. ”

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Everywhere you are, also on mobile

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