Welcome to Weekdone! This tutorial shows how Weekdone works and how to take the maximum out of it. Study each slide and use the arrow keys ( ← → ) to navigate.

Weekdone is all about better internal communication. First you list your own weekly goals, accomplishments and challenges, so you know what your weekly focus is.

The data in your form will be made visible to your manager and team leader, so he or she knows your status. They on the other hand will give you feedback and guidance.

Then there are all your co-workers. Of course everything will be shared with them as well, so they know what you’re doing. They can comment, give feedback and praise to you.

At the end of the day, using Weekdone everyone in your team will know what others are doing and planning. Collective feedback helps you be smarter and more engaged.

Get more done by doing less

Using Weekdone a lot of great things happen. You focus on things that are the most important in your daily work. You’ll increase productivity by making sure your accomplishments are things that matter. You’ll get more things done.

Be heard by your leader

Employee reports are often like a black hole.
Weekdone makes sure your manager always reads your report, giving back useful input and helpful guidance.

Get praise and hear from others

By sharing your plans, progress and ideas with your co-workers, you make sure everyone on the team knows what your priorities and accomplishments are. Use real-time feedback to increase co-workers spirit.


Weekdone follows PPP - a common best practice weekly reporting format, used successfully at companies like Skype. It helps you structure your thoughts for managers and co-workers to know what and how you’re doing and then get feedback on it.


Plans are your key tasks for the week you want to complete. Think of them as your weekly goals and objectives. What big things are you going to do next?


When you accomplish a plan, you move it to progress. These are your finished items and closed tasks for the week. What have you done? What are you proud of?


Problems are challenges and plans you can’t finish this week. The reasons can be waiting behind other team members, external factors or just unexpected happenings. Any problems you are facing? Want to let some steam out so others know?


What if you plan something but don’t get it done the same week? When the weekly report rotates (usually Fri 5 PM) those plans get moved to special Postponed category. You can move them back to Plans the next week if you continue work on them.

Custom categories

Your company might also define other categories. Common one is “Ideas and Lessons Learned” to let co-workers know of something new or interesting, to share a link or video. But you can also ask anything else.


Everything in Weekdone starts from items. It’s a single piece of information you want to share with your manager and co-workers. It can be a task, idea, shared link or answer to an idea.


Items are grouped together into categories. Each section contains a theme, be it plans, progress, problems or shared ideas.


Each person’s categories of items together are called your form. Think of it as a personal weekly report.

Team and Company reports

You take all the personal reports of people in the team, add them together, and you get a team report. All people in a company form a company report.

Writing ideal items

One important thing to keep in mind: when filling in your form, make sure the items are understandable to co-workers and manager by adding enough detail. You’re writing to them. Keep items brief but add backstory and enough details. Add links when needed.

Hope this answered your basic questions

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