Set and share long-term objectives

First, John publishes objectives and key results for the team and each employee.

John: "Here's what we need to achieve as a team this quarter."

Publish weekly key plans

Mary, Christopher and others in the team each share with co-workers and John 5-7 most important things they want to accomplish this week.

Christopher: "Gonna finish that budget this week".

Mary: "New design will be finished from my side".

Report progress as things get done

As the week passes, John's employees move done items to progress each day, report about challenges they face under problems and add new crucial items under plans.

Mary: "Here's the finished budget for 2015. Profits here we come".

Christopher: "Have a look at the new design. Looks shiny."

Communicate with co-workers daily

Rushing from one meeting to another, John takes out his phone to check on the team. Seems Mary wants some feedback, so John gives his opinion via mobile.

John: "Looks like everything is humming along. Oh, I.ll give Mary some guidance on this."

Read the report for full week

It.s Friday, 5 PM. The "week is done". Everyone has reported their progress and plans. Both John and all team members get a nice visual weekly report on their e-mail. One look at the dashboard tells the story that John has waited for. The Weekscore is higher than ever, all problems have been solved, no overdue items are there and the team reports a high satisfaction score.

John: "I love my team! What a great progress this week."

Conduct quick online 1:1's

John knows that the thing most employees wait for is feedback and guidance from their manager. As weekly 1:1's are not physically possible, John gives a few sentences of praise, areas of improvement and next steps via Weekdone.

John: "Great job on the budget! Such a good format. Can you share it with the board?"

Mary: "Thanks, John! Appreciate it. Will do that next week."

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