Help & FAQ

How can I limit what is included in Asana report?

First choose the workspace / organization you want to configure from the header. Then go to the Settings page. There you can either include or exclude which projects or people (and if you use organizations, which teams) to analyze and show in your reports. You can as granular as one person or one project.

Where to send feature requests, improvement ideas and questions?

We're all ears when it comes to feedback from people like you. Tell us, what could be improved or added in the Weekdone Asana reporting dashboard? E-mail us at Together we#ll build the best product. Thank you in advance!

Signed up, chose the workspace, but nothing happened - did it hang?

Just wait. We have to get your data from Asana API and that might take time. The more projects, people or items you have, the longer the first import and analysis. It will be much faster as you keep using it, as the data will be loaded in advance in the background. You also might just return later or wait for your first e-mail report.

Can I get a report by tags?

Sure, that's not turned on by default as generating it is slow because of Asana API. To turn it on, go to Settings and choose one of the options under Tags setting.

Are the dashboard numbers cumulative or for current period?

Open and Closed show the amount of tasks at the end of period. New shows tasks added during the period. The sub numbers under Open and Closed (Unscheduled, Scheduled, On Time, Overdue) show also the total number of such tasks at the end of the period.

What does Overdue mean?

It's the number of tasks not closed by it's due date.

Some tasks are not shown under person's name?

In Asana, for a task to be connected to a person under a project, you have to additionally assign it to a person. Even if you yourself add something under a project, it is not considered as your task by Asana - it is unassigned. As such, Weekdone can not report it as yours. To have a task connected to a person, assign it to a person after adding it, even if it's you.

After 2 weeks trial, what are the limitations of Free package?

After the weeks of Pro trial, you'll only see a very basic dashboard with no actual tasks listed. You'll have just the numbers and graphs. There are also no settings. Subscribe to Pro to have all the features back and support the development effort of our small team.

Can I pay annually?

Sure! You'll save $71 annually - that's like 4 months for free. Annual Pro costs just $109.