Templates are not just cool things to use because they look visually engaging. We believe in creating templates that help you learn something useful and guide you through a practical exercise. Here’s a set of templates to help you in your OKR journey.

OKR Roll-out Checklist

Implementing OKRs is a project on its own and it will require time and effort from the person leading the process. The role of an OKR champion is incredibly important in creating a sustainable workflow around planning as well as tracking progress during the quarter.

Download this OKR implementation checklist to find a clear roadmap to a successful OKR implementation.

OKR drafting on a whiteboard

The best practice OKR drafting template offers a clear structure for brainstorming and drafting company-wide quarterly Objectives and Team OKRs.

The process of brainstorming OKRs will help you to see your most critical business issues and improvement opportunities clearly, and not mix them up with day-to-day operations.

You can use the template in Miro (whiteboard tool) or download a pdf.

Outcome-focused Project Planning

Outcome-focused means starting with the end in mind. We often rush to execution without spending enough time framing expectations and defining the reason why we are doing all this work in the first place.

OKR process works best with an outcome-focused mindset, and this project planning template will help you ensure that your priorities are truly the most impactful ones.

We are also sharing a real example of this template – our own project from 2021 to launch a successful OKR-focused newsletter.

Cross-functional OKR Review

OKR Review is a monthly meeting where the teams present their current progress on OKRs, share what they have tried and learned from it so far, and plan how to move forward. This is a good opportunity to ask for help or clarify dependencies.

Use this slide deck to prepare for a good presentation.

Quarterly retrospective

Download the template

This template will help you organize productive cross-functional retrospectives. You can use it for monthly & quarterly company-wide reviews to encourage continuous problem-solving and innovative thinking.

The first block will guide functional teams to single out the most important challenges and accomplishments to share with the rest of the company while keeping their presentation concise and time-efficient.

The second block will help to facilitate productive discussion during the live presentation and invite all teams to share feedback and ask follow-up questions.

The structure of the two blocks makes this template perfect for quarterly OKR reviews.