Weekly Sales Reporting Set objectives. Monitor progress. Communicate more effectively. Sell more.

Remote Worker Reporting Bring remote employees closer. Make virtual teams into real ones.

Intern Status Reports Make interns feel part of the team. Maximize their performance.

Dev Team Reporting Let us do the reporting, so developers concentrate on the code

Insights into your team

Weekly status report to share goals and achievements. Increase employee engagement and productivity.

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Nice weekly report via e-mail

Employee status reports, compiled by people, teams and whole company, delivered via e-mail, mobile and web. You and your people will always know what's happening.

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Wonderfully informative dashboard

Weekly reporting visualized. Our team dashboard helps you understand in seconds who of your employees needs more attention and who deserves a pat on the back.

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Loved by leaders and employees

Ivar Arulaid from Hosewear

Weekdone is a great tool to keep an eye on how we're doing. I love that it's simple: Progress, Plans, Problems…and that's it - as simple as 1,2,3 or a,b,c. Everything is about simplicity for a startup, since I don't want anything to distract us from reaching our goals. Being able to track company's and employees happiness level is like a cherry on top of this simple tool dubbed Weekdone - keep up the good work!

Leaders and managers

Quickly know what gets done and planned by your team. Increase employee engagement. Get regular input and give feedback. Make informed decisions. Automate employee status reporting.

Leader benefits

Team members and employees

Share progress and hear what your co-workers are up to. Be heard by manager and get regular feedback. Manage your weekly tasks and focus on what's important.

Team member benefits

Better than existing tools

Still overloaded with unstructured reports and employee feedback in your inbox? Shared spreadsheets and documents out of sync? Weekdone brings clarity.

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Everywhere you are, on mobile

Fill and read your reports during a boring meeting or while in line for a caffeine-boost by downloading our iOS app or visiting weekdone.com on your smartphone.

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Weekly reports


Hours of time saved

It's certainly true the app looks the part but it's the simple work-flow that makes Weekdone appealing, striking the balance between data input and usefulness.


Allow the company to become more efficient by ensuring that all employees remain on the same page.

Goal Europe

Strength in simplicity by giving updates on key items - something everyone has time to read.

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