The Tool That Removes All Others

Most teams use 5+ different softwares daily and still struggle. We solved that.

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We have collected weekly planning, communication, project management, and survey features that people actually use on a regular basis. Weekdone is the all in one tool-kit that combines the benefits of them all!

Manage Your Week

Seemingless plan management dashboard for team members structured with PPP (Plans, Progress, Problems).

Learn more about Managing Your Week

Calendar Features

Create Plans, track Progress and Report problems through a calendar with ease.

Learn more about Calendar Features

Project Management & Quarterly Planning

Manage, track and measure your progress on projects and quarterly goals with ease.

Learn more about Project Management & Quarterly Planning

Communication & Collaboration

1:1 discussions + commenting & reacting + awarding system = healthy team

Learn more about Communication & Collaboration

Feedback & Pulse Surveys

Let your team express their feelings and conduct simple yet useful pulse surveys whenever you wish.

Learn more about Feedback & Pulse Surveys

Automated Reporting System

At the end of each week, you and your team receive an automated progress report summarizing the most important points from Weekdone, straight to your email inbox.

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The software designed for both leaders and employees

email report for managers

Leaders gain:

  • Insightful weekly team reports and dashboards
  • Automated progress reports emailed weekly 
  • Custom reporting and engagement templates
  • Weekly 1:1s and team 5-star satisfaction ratings
  • Recognition and productivity award system 
  • A more independent and productive team
Weekly Check-Ins

Employees gain:

  • Central hub for open communication and collaboration
  • Quick status reporting and structured weekly planning 
  • Track personal progress and see what everyone else is doing
  • Weekly 1:1 private chat and discussion with team leader
  • Integrations with tools you already use: Slack, MS Teams, Jira, Asana, Basecamp + more

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