Goal-setting and tracking

  • Objectives and Key Results
  • OKR Linking
  • KPIs
  • Projects and Initiatives

Weekly Planning & Reporting

  • Weekly Status Reports
  • Custom Templates
  • Prioritization
  • Custom Integrations

Pulse Surveys & Check-ins

  • 5-star Ratings
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Feedback and Recognition

Meeting Preparation & 1:1s

  • 1:1s
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Team Calendar View

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Create goals to provide direction for your teams each quarter. 

Weekdone uses the powerful OKR methodology, which lets you set your big goals (Objectives) and measure the Key Results that will get you there.

Connect your weekly plans and tasks to your long term goals.

Easily add plans directly under Team and Personal Objectives to see all the activities moving your team’s goals forward.

Keep important metrics in front of everyone with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Monitoring KPIs allows you to stay on top of the metrics that matter.

An Initiative is any block of work or output that takes a few weeks or a whole quarter to get done.

Keep track of the status of your team’s projects, research reports, or anything else you need to accomplish.


Weekdone incorporates the best practices for recurring team progress and status reporting. 

People plan and share their most important activities and any blockers they face along the way.

D1 Dashboard

An intuitive interface with visual dashboards makes checking in on your team’s productivity easier than ever. 

Get automated weekly Progress Reports in your email at the end of each week or create XLS and PDFs for sharing with your stakeholders.

Set-up custom reporting templates to make Weekdone fit your team’s needs. 

Set due dates, see what items are overdue, and comment on your own and other’s items. 

Assign tasks, mark items as important, or set them as private and use Weekdone as your own personal planner.

Integrations with the tools you already use like MST and Slack to make sharing the most important high-level activities even easier. See our full list of integrations

At a glance understand how your people are feeling each week with 5-star ratings.

Create your own ratings and get quick and easy feedback on anything from job satisfaction to energy level.

Ask for weekly feedback from your team with customized pulse survey questions.

Customize these questions however you want: ask for team improvement ideas, interesting materials to share, or anything you’d like to learn from your team.


Provide public feedback and recognition to support anyone who is doing a great job.

Praise positive performances and let everyone know in the newsfeed.

Support and guide your team with personalized, private discussions on a regular basis. 

Schedule your calls and agree on talking points before your one-one meetings. Never lose any of the discussion notes or action points. 

Weekdone’s Dashboards give you the ability to see how your teams are progressing on company goals and projects at a glance. 

Weekdone’s reports can aid team status meetings, performance reviews, and one-on-ones

See upcoming plans and activities and schedule meetings based on availability.