Weekdone is one of the leading Estonian business software startups. We’re changing how companies manage their teams and talent. Our online weekly team reporting and internal communication product is used by leaders and managers at hundreds of companies on all continents, from Fortune 500 teams and market leaders like Cisco, Jawbone, HP, Whole Foods, Harvard University down to SME’s and public sector. 80% of our users are based in the USA.

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Why work at Weekdone?

  • Your job matters. Our customers are world’s leading companies. Thanks to you they can do their job better, be more productive and happy.
  • It’s all up to you. Each of our team members is very independent and has opportunities to prove their worth.
  • It’s rewarding. You do a great job, you get the praise both in salary and in non-monetary terms.
  • We’re friendly and fun. Every day at our small cozy office feels like part of a family.
  • We’re extraordinary. In everything we do, we want to be the best, and so are each of our team members.
  • Amazing workplace

Available positions

Product UI & Front End Designer 

Product Manager 

UX Researcher