Weekly Check-ins on the go

Track quarterly goals, plan weekly activities and connect with your team – from anywhere.

For Team members

Check-in with your team

Reduce the hustle of weekly reporting and easily share your workload with your team. Forget frequent status meetings and ad-hoc e-mails.

  •  PPP – simple weekly Plans, Progress, Problems template
  •  Job satisfaction – give weekly feedback about your job satisfaction
  •  Report reminders – get last-minute report deadline reminders

Plan your own week

Not just reporting for managers. Use it as your own planning tool to easily organize what you need to get done.

  •  Priorities – highlight the most important tasks for the week
  •  Private plans – keep some items private
  •  Due dates – remember deadlines and build habits.

Know what’s happening

Have a clear understanding of your Company and Team’s quarterly goals. Keep up to date with everyone’s plans and progress.

  •  OKRs – view progress of your team’s quarterly goals
  •  Newsfeed – see weekly plans, progress, problems of your team
  •  Comments – get feedback from your team and leaders

For Team Managers

OKR Dashboard in your pocket

Quickly see how your team’s long-term goals are progressing. Proactively apply corrective measures and take actions on the go.

Track weekly plans & progress

Stay up to date with your team’s weekly activities on-the-go. See how everyone’s weekly plans drive the quarterly objectives.

Give feedback and recognition

Understand your team’s job satisfaction at work and boost morale with commenting & liking.