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Integrate Weekdone with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira, Asana, Basecamp, Google Tasks, and Zapier to easily add Weekly Check-ins or Objectives.

Weekdone Integrations

Add Weekdone to Teams to view and update your Weekly Check-ins and OKRs, and get notified about updates.
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Connect Slack and update your OKRs and Weekly Check-ins or view the Weekdone Newsfeed in Slack.
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Jira logo

Import automatically or manually your Jira issues into your Plans, Progress, or Problems in your Weekly Check-in.
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Import any tasks and complete tasks assigned to you automatically or manually to your Weekly Check-in.
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Import your to-dos (tasks) and add them to your Weekly Check-ins, and keep track of project names as hashtags.
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Automatically or manually import your Google Tasks as items in your Weekly Check-ins as Plans, Problems, or Progress.
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Integrate with hundreds of different apps with Zapier to update your Weekly Check-in or Objectives in Weekdone.
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