Weekdone Benefits for Leaders and Employees

Leaders and managers

Weekdone helps you set structured goals, keep track of activities, and get everyone working towards your company vision. See how to improve the way you plan your week and set goals. Build a more productive and efficient company.

Quickly know what’s happening

Weekdone is a dashboard in your pocket. At a glance, see what is happening in your team and company. Live dashboards and reports let you know the status of everyone’s weekly plans and objectives.

Focus on what matters

Know what needs to be accomplished each week and quarter. Keep large company and team objectives in focus so everyone can plan their day and week with the company vision in mind.

Engage and inspire

With clear priorities to focus on, employees and teams are more engaged and feel their work matters. See a more productive company and employees who take initiative in their work.

Make informed decisions

Be data driven and make informed, fact-based decisions. Quickly see when an indicator underperforms, so you can be proactive and take action before problems arise.

Align and organize

Weekdone simplifies the reporting process, makes goals visible, and increases transparency. Align weekly, employee activities with high-level objectives and see how everyone’s work drives the company forward.

Measure satisfaction

Support your team with praise and feedback on their plans and progress. Measure employee happiness and satisfaction weekly. Hold private 1:1s if problems arise so you can make sure morale is high.

Team members and employees

Weekdone isn’t just a tool for managers, it helps everyone stay organized and take control of their work. See how Weekdone can benefit you and your work.

Focus on what’s important

Get a clear understanding of your responsibilities and what role you play in achieving the big company goals. From there plan your weekly activities keeping on the most important tasks in mind.

Connect with your team

Stay-up to date with your team and colleagues. See what people are working on and provide positive feedback and praise, or help when needed. Share your plans and progress to keep everyone else in the loop.

Be heard by your leader

Don’t go unheard. Weekdone gives you a channel to connect with your manager. Report your progress or any problems that arise, get weekly feedback, and hold 1:1 discussion with your manager.

Manage tasks and goals

Organize your weekly tasks and long term objectives. Plan your weekly activities and share their progress, while keeping and eye on your long term goals.

Comparison with existing tools

 WeekdoneE-mailShared documents
Works on mobile✔️✔️✔️
Always up to date✔️✔️✔️
Usable as task manager✔️✔️
Report items via e-mail✔️✔️
Comment & like threads✔️✔️✔️
Searchable archive✔️✔️✔️
Automatic report reminder✔️
Automatically compiled report✔️
Graphical metrics dashboard✔️
Happiness ratings✔️
Private manager reviews✔️
Hierarchy of teams✔️
OKR – Objectives & Key results✔️