Weekly Progress Reporting

The easiest progress reporting tool

  1. Progress: the past, what has been achieved already.
  2. Plans: the future, what are the goals, objectives and plans.
  3. Problems: what challenges have been encountered.

Free for 3 users or 14 days. No credit card required.

weekly plans view

Very simple and effective performance management tool. You want a tool like this to keep going with the productivity of your people.

David Bizer – Former Google recruiter, Partner at Talent Fountain


Weekly progress reports show you what was accomplished, what is planned, and where team members are stuck.

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Easily track weekly activities that everyone can see for a more transparent and engaged team.

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Private 1:1 chats help you guide and support at anytime they need.

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Team members can leave public feedback and recognition, boosting morale.

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weekly status report for teams

What leaders get: 

  • Insightful weekly progress reports and dashboards
  • Custom progress reporting templates
  • 1:1s and team 5-star satisfaction ratings 
  • Recognition and productivity award system 
  • Increased engagement and productivity

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What employees get:

  • Powerful weekly planning tool
  • Asynchronous reporting and team communication 
  • Simplify reporting with quick status updates 
  • Recognize teammates for a job well done

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 Custom API access

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