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Refocus your team. Get everyone on track towards achieving their weekly goals using the best practice methodology of PPP – Plans, Progress, Problems. It’s like running online standup meetings and check-ins in your team.

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We are able to move to more strategic discussions since we can go to Weekdone to read our goals and accomplishments from the past week.

Michael Luther – Regional Training & Development Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

Why implement weekly planning?

Making your people think and plan ahead, what they need to achieve each week, and then reflect on their achievements, allows you to build a unified and focused team getting the most important work done.

It does so by improving employee focus, productivity and transparency in teams. No wonder companies like Google, eBay, Skype and others all use weekly panning and check-ins.

Track and manage projects

Utilize hashtags to group projects, tasks, accounts or anything you like together. Click on or search for a hashtag to pull up your various tagged tasks in an organized view.

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Provide Employee Feedback

Provide personalized and private feedback to keep everyone on track and motivated with our weekly employee review system.

Feedback in Weekdone

Share What’s Important

Private items allow you to keep track of your personal to-do list, thus allowing your colleagues to stay focused and aware of only the most important updates you share.

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Weekdone creates a circular effect of reporting and rather than responding to an email you can comment directly on Weekdone.

Toby Young – CTO of Ebury

What is PPP reporting?

Getting started with weekly status updates and driving the performance improvements in your team is simple. Just use PPPs – a proven online standup meeting process. Read about the basics of PPP weekly status reporting here. Then try it out in your team.

weekly report example

Example Weekly Report

Weekdone automatically reminds your people, collects their updates and compiles a beautiful weekly report, delivered to you via e-mail, on the web, mobile and tablet.

Start with default report template of Plans, Progress and Problems, then customize it and add your own categories.

I haven’t seen the combination of PPP reporting and OKRs done anywhere else and I really liked the simplicity of how they all merged.

Shawn Rucks – CEO at Deverus
team progress in weekdone

Visual Team Dashboard

Make informed decisions by quickly seeing trends and performance on a wonderfully informative dashboard.

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