PPP: Progress, Plans, Problems

Weekly planning and status reporting methodology

Are you a leader that wishes to excel?
Improve your team leadership by better weekly planning and reporting.

What is PPP weekly reporting?

Progress, Plans, Problems (PPP) is a best practice management technique for recurring (usually weekly) team progress and status reporting.

Each person reports usually 3-5 key achievements, goals and challenges – called Progress, Plans and Problems – for the reporting period.

The compiled weekly report is then shared with leaders, team managers and co-workers.
It is used in organizations in situations like employee to manager, team member to team or CEO to board, investors and advisors reporting.

PPP weekly reporting is usually implemented in special progress reporting software.


PPP template is very simple, consisting of 3 categories:

  1. Progress. Employee’s accomplishments, finished items and closed tasks for the period ending.
  2. Plans. Goals and objectives for the next reporting period. These should become Progress next week.
  3. Problems. Challenges. Items that are stuck and can’t be finished. Problems often need help from someone else, not just the employee.


PPP is really simple to use and as such does not take much time to neither fill in nor to read. Having weekly or monthly PPP reports at hand can save hours of time from useless meetings. It’s often loved by both leaders and managers as well as team members finding out how their co-workers are doing.

When to use PPP?

If you don’t know which status report template or process you need, PPP is the de facto standard to start from.
You can always add categories or sections later.

Used by

Companies like Skype, Ebay and Facebook. Startup accelerators like Seedcamp. Many technology companies.

Process of using PPP

There are many helpful materials located at Weekdone. We suggest you start by reading this one for a start.

PPP weekly reporting is usually implemented in special progress reporting software.

Example report

Example PPP report generated by Weekdone

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