Team Meetings with Purpose

Share ideas, manage goals, and increase visibility in your teams

Weekdone team management software uses simple status reporting. The best practice methodology PPP – Plans, Progress, and Problems brings focus to your Weekly team meetings.

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3 Step Meeting Prep

Plan your Week


Share Progress

Report Problems

Hold a Meeting

“You want a tool like this to keep up with the productivity of your people.”

David Bizer – Talent Fountain
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Structure your Weekly Team Meeting using PPP

Weekdone uses the Plans, Progress and Problems (PPP) methodology for reporting to help facilitate your team meetings. Don’t worry – you don’t have to learn anything new! This is exactly what managers and employees  already cover in most meetings anyway. 

  1. Current tasks (Plans) 
  2. (Progress) on projects 
  3. (Problems) you need to overcome 

By using this 3 step methodology for weekly planning and reporting, you always have a clear overview of what everyone is doing. See who’s working on what, track progress, and remove blockers in real time.


What you want to do

3-5 of your top priority tasks for the week. These individual plans should be clearly written, understandable by all teams, and achievable in a week’s time.


What you’ve done

Watch your plans become accomplishments as you move them to the Progress section. This allows everyone to see how you’re getting along with your tasks.


Something to overcome

Here you can record the challenges faced throughout the week that may have caused a delay in a project. This helps your team understand where they can step in and helps you identify how to remove blockers.

“Keep track of daily and weekly plans and stay focused on getting the right things done.”

Jon Lay – Founder of Hanno

Better Meetings for Leaders & Employees

email report for managers

Leaders gain:

  • Insightful weekly team reports and dashboards
  • Automated progress reports emailed weekly 
  • Custom reporting and engagement templates
  • Weekly 1:1s and team 5-star satisfaction ratings
  • Recognition and productivity award system 
  • A more independent and productive team
Weekly Check-Ins

Employees gain:

  • Central hub for open communication and collaboration
  • Quick status reporting and structured weekly planning 
  • Personal progress tracking and team transparency
  • Weekly 1:1 private chats and discussion with team leader
  • Integrations with tools you already use: Slack, MS Teams, Jira, Asana, Basecamp + more

“We are able to move to more strategic discussions since we can go to Weekdone to read our goals and accomplishments from the past week.”

Michael Luther – Regional Training & Development Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

What’s Inside?

Goals & Objectives

  • OKR linking & KPIs
  • Team and Personal Objectives 
  • Projects and Initiatives 

Learn More..

Planning & Reporting

  • PPP Reporting and Planning 
  • Prioritization and Organization 

Learn More..

Weekly Check-Ins

  • Weekly Reviews
  • Pulse Surveys 
  • One-on-One Private Discussions 

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Custom Templates

  • Pulse Surveys
  • Reporting Templates 
  • Planning Templates

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  • Linking and Tagging
  • Conversation, Feedback & Recognition (CFR) 
  • Company Newsfeed and Team Buzz

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Meeting Notes

  • Team Meeting Dashboard
  • Team Calendar View 
  • Task Assignment 

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Goals & Objectives

Set, measure, and display your company and team goals

Linked tasks in Weekdone

Plan, set, and track weekly progress on quarterly goals. Cascade goals down to teams and individual Plans to enable more collaborative goal-tracking process throughout the company.

Custom Templates

Improve collaboration and engagement in your team

1 on 1 meeting and feedback

Use pulse survey insights for more meaningful 1 on 1’s. Customizable templates provide you the opportunity for weekly feedback on employee happiness, job satisfaction, and more!

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