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Align goals across the company with weekdone OKR software

Align goals across the company

Set the focus needed to win. Easily add, align, and update OKRs across company, department, and team levels. Visualize total progress made.

  • Goal setting with color coded OKRs, visible to all
  • Sample data & OKR Wizard for guidance
  • OKR hierarchy & company-wide linking
  • Moonshot & roofshot goals
  • KPI tracking

Visualize OKR connections in hierarchy

See a complete overview of goals with color coded OKR progress in interactive dashboards. Choose between multiple OKR visualization views. Easily add, align, and update OKRs across company, department, and team levels.

Visualize OKR hierarchy across the company and all levels.

Hierarchy view

Understand OKR progress throughout the company at a glance.

Tree view

Add, update and edit OKRs inline. See and export progress reports.

initiatives & Weekly planning

Drive performance weekly

Keep priorities a focus in team tasks and projects. Connect OKRs with real work and move toward targets weekly. Know what’s being done to reach goals.

  • Initiatives with project status tracking
  • Weekly Plans, Progress, Problems
  • Custom weekly planning form
  • Initiative & task assigning with linking to OKRs
  • Notifications & reminders to engage employees
Drive performance weekly with Weekdone OKR software - OKR Product Details

Present progress on TV Dashboard

Run OKR progress dashboard slideshow of your company, departments, and teams at the office and at meetings – so everyone is engaged with what really matters.

Improve collaboration and teamwork with Weekdone OKR Product
Feedback & recognition

Improve collaboration and teamwork

Get everyone on the same page. Build engagement and improve coordination. Set weekly expectations. Understand the health and progress of each team.

  • Connected company, department, and team levels
  • Openly shared OKRs, Initiatives and plans
  • Newsfeed to follow updates
  • Public feedback and praise with CFR
  • 1:1 private weekly reviews for employees & managers
Reporting & dashboards

Have a full overview with automated reports

Always know how your company is doing. See OKR progress in interactive dashboards and multiple reporting views.

  • OKR and KPI progress dashboards
  • Hierarchy and Tree views for zooming in and out on OKRs
  • Automated e-mail reports for the teams and company
  • Easily exportable custom reports
Save hours with automated reports with Weekdone OKR software

Connect with tools you already use

Connect Weekdone seamlessly with tools you already use to operate efficiently and avoid duplicate work.

Onboarding & OKR Coaching

Follow the proven framework

Ensure OKR success with our OKR experts. Onboarding assistance and OKR coaching sessions at your request, tailored to your company and teams.

  • Software onboarding
  • OKR implementation
  • Team trainings
  • Self-onboarding guides

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OKRs unite and align different teams

The magic that makes OKRs work so well is actually in the mindset. It’s a state of mind that allows people to search for opportunities and possibilities instead of getting discouraged by challenges. Weekdone is helping us track goals, build structure, and see transparently what other teams are working on.

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