Action Plan Template

An action plan is effective only when it provides a detailed overview of the initiatives and specific actions you plan to take in order to achieve a measurable goal.

By incorporating our free action plan template into your daily workflow, you’ll find that you and your team are making more deliberate, goal-driven steps toward achievement!

Furthermore, Weekdone Team Compass helps streamline the reporting process, allowing you to manage your team with greater efficiency.

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The 10 elements included in your action plan

We designed this template with some of Weekdone’s best features in mind. The most important elements you need are as follows:

  1. SMART goals
  2. Initiatives
  3. Expected timeline (start and end dates)
  4. Planned working quarter
  5. Weekly individual plans
  6. List of responsible team members
  7. Priority level indicators for specific tasks
  8. Effort level indicators for specific tasks
  9. Space for communicating ideas
  10. Designated place for sharing important documents

Additionally, your free template includes a description of each point and guidelines for use.