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Are you a leader that wishes to excel? Improve your team leadership by reading the resources below.


Working with managers from SME's to Fortune 500, we've found out one key thing. In most teams internal communications and team management can be improved.

Here are our learnings on what you as a leader can do right now to create a more prosperous unified team. Just follow the best practice processes of world's leading companies.

The materials below show by examples, how to set it up in your team right now.


  • Always know what happens in your team
  • Improve collaboration and productivity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Give and collect feedback and ideas

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To have a team that works as one, you need to implement some processes. Why not learn how companies like Google, Skype, Facebook and eBay do it?

They start from setting clear goals and objectives. Each team member then shares their weekly plans and progress. As updates come in, everyone gives feedback and guidance.

Do the same - and you'll be as successful. Think of it as status reports redefined for modern companies in an open online environment.

Planning, Productivity and Time Management

Turning Objectives into Results

Smarter Methods for Team Collaboration

Turning Objectives into Results: Smarter Methods for Team Collaboration Download free eBook

How to make Time for the Work That Really Matters

A Simple Handbook for Achieving Maximum at Work

A Simple Handbook for Achieving Maximum at Work Download free eBook

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