Templates are a great way to get started with goal setting and weekly planning. Here are a list of the various free business templates we offer, available in Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Excel. Some examples included!

Progress Report Templates

Stay up to date with Plans, Progress, and Problems by using our free templates for weekly progress reports Managers benefit from the use of our templates for teams; to serve as a progress report for meetings and keeping track of employees tasks. We also included templates for individual use, after all, these are great for goal-setting!

SMART Goals Worksheet

This SMART goal worksheet is prefect to make sure your short-term or long-term goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). This worksheet includes helping questions and though exercises to make sure your goals are SMART.

OKR Report Spreadsheet Template

Looking to report your Objectives and Key Results (OKR)? Use this spreadsheet when you are just getting started. Looking for an example? Use our OKR report spreadsheet example to get started.

OKR Report Document Template

If you prefer to report your OKRs using a document instead of a spreadsheet, you can use our OKR report document template. We have an example of what that should look like filled out here.

Team Meeting Checklist

Follow these team meeting guidelines to make your next meeting even more productive! Includes what to do before, during and after the meeting. Get the most out of your team’s time with this checklist!

Meeting Minutes Spreadsheet Template

A great template, available in Google sheets, Excel or as an ODS document, for people who need to take meeting minutes. Includes agenda, presenters, discussions, conclusions and actions to be taken.

Meeting Minutes Document Template

Use this template to track your meeting minutes in a document, such as Word, ODS or PDF. Includes agenda, presenters, discussions, conclusions and actions to be taken.

Dual-track Agile Roadmap Template

The Dual-track agile method is most commonly used in design and development teams but can be easily implemented and used in other teams as well. We tested it ourselves and it works!

OKR Ideas Draft Template

Writing new OKRs might seem easy, but you can just rely on a gut feeling or having that one ‘perfect idea’. That’s why we’ve created a neat template to ideate and pick the right OKRs with your team.