Weekdone OKRs is a perfect template for setting SMART goals on a personal, team and company level.

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Weekdone enabled Mavrck to replace time-consuming spreadsheets and streamline the whole process of setting and monitoring OKRs.


“ Weekdone is one of the maps or compasses I use to determine where I should focus my time to help the team and company be successful. ”

Basic SMART goals template is:

S Specific Easy to understand and clear
M Measurable Understandable KPIs
A Achivable Realistic
R Relevant Important for your team
T Time-bound Have a clear timeline.

zlien was looking for the best OKR tool and Weekdone offered the best functionality and structure


“ Weekdone helps to train people to use objectives and key results
in the right way ”

Why use SMART goals with OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results - used by Google, Linkedin, Intel, Zynga, Oracle, Twitter and Sears among others - are is a perfect template to use with SMART goals.

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It improves employee focus, productivity and transparency in teams. Your company will move as one toward unified goals, getting done what's most important.

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