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Set and share Objectives and Key Results - OKRs

Measure and visualize progress over time

Discuss OKRs with co-workers and leaders

Visibility on company, department, team and personal levels

Weekdone is the leading online and mobile Objectives and Key Results service. It implements the OKR goal-setting best practice in your team in just minutes. Just register, add your teams and people, and define the OKRs for them.

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Why use OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results - used by Google, Linkedin, Intel, Zynga, Oracle, Twitter and Sears among others - are the one management technique that almost always gives results.

It does so by improving employee focus, productivity and transparency in teams. Your company will move as one toward unified goals, getting done what's most important.

Weekdone - the leading OKR tool

In Weekdone all the OKRs are visible to whole team, making sure you know what your employees and co-workers are doing.

Since 2014 Weekdone's scalable OKR software has been chosen by teams from startups to Fortune 500 as their OKR solution. You could be one of them.

Dashboards to visualize goal fulfillment and progress

See weekly progress of each OKR or whole company: what is moving ahead and what's stuck.

Detailed graphs in Weekdone OKR dashboards break it down by each team or person.

Real-time newsfeed to follow

As people add Objectives or Key Results, make changes to progress or add comments, it's all shown in Weekdone's real-time newsfeed.

Monitor it on the web, via daily e-mails or on your mobile and tablet. It's the best way to keep your hand on the pulse of your company.

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