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Refocus your team. Get everyone on track towards achieving unified goals using the best practice methodology of OKRs, used by Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other world-leading companies.

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okr hierarcy

1. Set quarterly goals

2. Update progress

3. Track performance

4. Provide feedback

zlien was looking for the best OKR tool and Weekdone offered the best functionality and structure


“ Weekdone helps to train people to use objectives and key results
in the right way ”

Set and share Objectives and Key Results - OKRs

Measure and visualize progress over time

Discuss OKRs with co-workers and leaders

Visibility on company, department, team and personal levels

Why use OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results - used by Google, Linkedin, Intel, Zynga, Oracle, Twitter and Sears among others - are the one management technique that almost always improves the performance of your company.

It does so by improving employee focus, productivity and transparency in teams. Your company will move as one toward unified goals, getting done what's most important.

Exxact Corporation Simplifies Work with Weekdone Goal Setting


“ Seeing what people are doing and having an
automated report is a value in itself. ”

Set and Manage Goals

Using the Objectives and Key Results methodology you can create, assign and track objectives at a company, department, team, and personal level.

Streamline Your Goals

Making sure everyone's work aligns with the company's goals and vision is important. With OKR linking you can connect objectives between levels, so that progress at the personal level can feed into accomplishing goals all the way up to the company level.

OKR Tracking

Don’t just set and forget! Keep constant track of your goals and objectives with our OKR graphs and progress indicators. The ability to link weekly plans to and comment on OKRs provides even more visibility on how progress is being achieved.

Weekdone enabled Mavrck to replace time-consuming spreadsheets and streamline the whole process of setting and monitoring OKRs.


“ Weekdone is one of the maps or compasses I use to determine where I should focus my time to help the team and company be successful. ”

What are OKRs?

Getting started with OKR goal-setting and driving the performance improvements in your teams is simple. Read about the basics of OKRs here and then try them out in your team.

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Achieve record revenues while increasing profitability
  • Hit quarterly revenue of over $1000000
  • Start sales in 2 new countries and achieve first quarter revenues totaling over $100000
  • Increase gross profit margin % from 63% to 54%

Example OKRs

When getting started with OKRs, the most common questions we get at Weekdone are:

How to write good OKRs? Can you give me examples of good OKRs? What should I put in my OKRs?

To answer these questions we created the database of example OKRs so you can get started and write your own goals like a pro.

See OKR examples

Deverus Improved Their Collaboration by Combining OKRs with Weekly PPP Reporting


“ I hadn't seen the combination of PPP reporting and OKRs done anywhere else and I really liked the simplicity of how they all merge. ”

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Jüri, CEO



Trendwatching's team is scattered all over the world and Weekdone helps them to know what all the people are currently working on.


“ Weekdone gives a good overview on how the company is structured internally. ”

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SnapShot uses Weekdone to stay connected. We are really conscious of spending too much time on meetings, so Weekdone is a good solution.


“ Because we have offices all over Europe, it can be difficult to always keep communication flowing. We are really conscious of spending too much time on meetings, so Weekdone is a good solution. ”

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