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OKR software and coaching to ensure a results-driven company culture.

Visualize OKR progress. See the plans that will move Team OKRs forward. Transparency for everyone in your company.

Free for 3 users or 14 days. No credit card required.

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OKR coaching

Review your Objectives and Key Results

Check and adjust the alignment of your OKRs

Get your questions answered and OKR advice


Set up your company structure and OKRs

Get tips on transition from spreadsheets or implementing OKRs for the first time


OKR basics – understanding, writing, and aligning OKRs

Weekdone usage – navigation, adding OKRs, using Weekly Check-in and other features

How it works

Company Objectives

Leaders create Company Objectives to set the direction teams need to go towards for the quarter. Learn more.

Team OKRs

Teams develop Objectives and define Key Results that will work towards the Company Objective. Learn more.

Weekly plans

Teams set plans for the week that they think will drive the results (outcomes) needed to move their OKRs forward. Learn more.

OKR coaching

Leaders and teams work closely with our OKR coaches so that OKR best practices become a habit. Learn more.

OKR report

Always keep OKRs the focus when planning the week:

  • Plan with OKRs in mind – Easily add weekly plans directly under the Team Objective
  • Weekly OKR Reports – Quickly view OKR progress and the plans teams have to move their OKRs forward
  • Full transparency – all OKR and Company Objectives and plans connected are visible to everyone.

Weekdone Features

Alignment and linking

Link Team OKRs to Company Objectives to see total progress by all teams. Learn more.

OKR dashboards

Beautiful dashboards that show how everyone’s OKRs are progressing. Learn more.

Weekly Check-ins

Create weekly plans that drive OKRs forward with our Weekly Check-ins. Learn more.

Reporting & Visualization

Visualize your team’s progress with weekly emails and a TV dashboard. Learn more.

Company Training Plan

Team trainings, webinars are quarterly review ensure OKR best practices. Learn more.

Learning Center

Practical advice on OKR best practices available at any time. Learn more.

OKR Wizard & examples

Ensure you are adding correct OKRs right from the start. Learn more.

Personal OKR coaching

Personalized OKR coaching tailored to your team and industry. Learn more.


How many people are in your company?

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Enjoy a seamless workflow with your existing tools

Weekdone has a variety of custom integrations designed to fit within your existing workflows.

  •  Slack
  •  Microsoft Teams
  •  Jira
  •  Asana
  •  Basecamp
  •  Google Tasks
  • Custom third party integrations through Zapier.

Weekdone is helping us track, build structure, and see transparently what other teams are working on.

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Let our team help you

Everyone is dedicated to helping your team successfully implement OKRs and make them a habit in your company. Have questions? Contact us on live chat or write to hello@weekdone.com — average 2 hour response time.

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Completely free for teams of 3 or less. 15 day trial for larger teams.

Step by Step Guide to OKRs

Free OKR ebook: Step by Step Guide to OKRs

Written by our OKR experts, this 135-page guide is filled with tips on implementing OKR best practices.