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Communicate your company strategy, organize your goals and improve team coordination with OKRs.

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The OKR Flow

Distribute your long term company strategy to your teams through tangible OKRs

Set goals and objectives

Set and align quarterly company and team level goals, objectives, KPIs and projects

Update progress weekly

Check in weekly to update team progress

Conduct weekly team meetings

Conduct weekly check-in meetings

Visualize progress made

Track alignment and progress via visual dashboards

structured Work

Delegate clear and actionable goals down to the individual level

Adjoin your team’s daily work with the Company’s long term strategy through transparent straightforward goal trees. Keep focus high and steer clear from useless tasks that don’t contribute to the Company scale.

Add, update and edit OKRs inline. See and export progress reports.


Visualize OKR hierarchy across the company and all levels.

Hierarchy view

Understand OKR progress throughout the company at a glance.

Tree view

See progress updates, announcements and give out awards all in one place.

Your Toolbox

All Features

Goal-Setting and Tracking

* Objectives and Key Results
* OKR Linking
* KPIs
* Projects and Initiatives

Weekly Planning and Reporting

* Automated Weekly Status
* Reports
* Weekly Planning
* Custom Templates
* Prioritization
* Custom Integrations

Pulse Surveys and Check-ins

* 5-star Ratings
* Pulse Surveys
* Feedback and Recognition

1:1s and Team Announcements

* Private 1:1 conversations
* Meeting Agendas
* Team Calendar View
* Newsfeed

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