Weekdone webinars pack a ton of information in a short amount of time and give you actionable tips and on how to make the most of OKRs.

Webinars at Weekdone

We know that reading through page after page in order to understand OKRs can get a little tiring. For those of you that like to absorb information in a more visual manner, we have put together a series of webinars that will help you understand, launch and use OKRs. 

Upcoming webinars:

Past webinars

The Management Process of OKRs: How to Actually Setup and Run Them?

Setting the OKRs is one part of the OKR process, but to make them engaging you also need to think about the processes you need to develop around reviewing and accountability to be truly successful.

How OKRs can succeed where KPIs and projects fail

For years, businesses have been starting from KPIs and setting projects that drive these KPIs. However, this method of management can create problems, as teams often lack a clear direction and a common focus for the whole company is missing.  

This is where OKRs come in. In this webinar you will learn how OKRs fit in with KPIs and projects, how they drive innovation and growth, and what needs to be changed within a company to implement OKRs.

How to launch OKRs the right way

Are you feeling anxious about launching OKRs? Do you believe in the idea but have reservations about how to bring it to life? Stop worrying about it as we got your back. 

This Weekdone webinar walks you through every little detail you need to be aware of when launching OKRs in your company. From ensuring that everyone understands and is onboard with it to actually developing your first Company Objectives and Team OKRs, this is the comprehensive OKR launch guide you were so desperately looking for.