Weekly Progress Reporting Software

Plan your weekly work. Get updates on progress and problems. Get insights on weekly pulse surveys. Give 1:1 feedback. Engage with your team.

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Recognize Your People

Set goals and objectives

Set quarterly personal goals, objectives, projects and metrics to track them

Get weekly progress reports

Get weekly employee updates on plans, progress and problems

Measure pulse and satisfaction

Measure and visualize regular pulse, engagement and satisfaction

Give feedback and conduct 1:1 check-ins

As a leader, give feedback, praise and conduct 1:1s

Weekly Progress overview

Gain insight into progress while sustaining a stress-free workspace

Gather weekly progress insights on OKRs, Projects, tasks and corresponding team performances. Determine the status on long term company goals. Learn how your people are feeling through weekly 5-star ratings and pulse surveys. Conduct 1:1 conversations with employees that need guidance.

View insightful and visually beautiful real-time reports with one click.

Progress Reports

Enable people to track their weekly work while you gather task-specific insights.

Weekly Planning

Praise your teammates for their performance. Conduct weekly pulse surveys.


Gather progress updates and conduct private conversations with 1:1 chats.


Your Toolbox

Goal-Setting and Tracking

* Objectives and Key Results
* OKR Linking
* KPIs
* Projects and Initiatives

Weekly Planning and Reporting

* Automated Weekly Status
* Reports
* Weekly Planning
* Custom Templates
* Prioritization
* Custom Integrations

Pulse Surveys and Check-ins

* 5-star Ratings
* Pulse Surveys
* Feedback and Recognition

1:1s and Team Announcements

* Private 1:1 conversations
* Meeting Agendas
* Team Calendar View
* Newsfeed

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