OKR Consulting to Fast Track Your Learning Curve

Education, training, and support to get your company up and running with OKRs.

OKRs seem like a complicated method? Purchase Weekdone and get multiple OKR coaching sessions to help your team use OKR methodology along with Weekdone’s powerful OKR software.

Free for 3 users or 15 days. No credit card required.

Meet the Experts

OKR experts at Weekdone

Once you purchase Weekdone, you’ll get introduced to Ana and Mirell, our two finest OKR coaches and experts. With 3 years of teaching OKRs between them, you and your team are in good hands!

What You Get

Learning OKRs is easy and fast when you use Weekdone

Personalized Training

Online Team Trainings

Quarterly Reviews

Online Q & A Sessions

What are the benefits of using OKR software?

Every goal setting or work method is as good as its implementation.

That’s why we created Weekdone, a simple app that helps you create, measure and execute team and company OKRs. 

And when you purchase a Weekdone plan, we’ll set you up with a series of consultations from our OKR experts.

Sales team goals

Track Objectives and Key Results

Easily see if your OKRs are on track and the plans that drive them.


See weekly progress and enable all teams to stay informed.

Regular OKR Coaching

Get implementation advice and regular guidance from OKR experts.

Feedback and Recognition

Praise teamwork and accomplishments and boost morale with peer recognition.

Start using Weekdone OKR software and coaching if

OKRs on Weekdone
  • You’re struggling with creating clear Objectives or Key Results
  • Your team has trouble with understanding the OKR process
  • You want to keep OKRs a habit in your team’s weekly plans
  • You need an easy-to-use tool to keep track of your team’s OKR process

Benefits of OKR consulting with Weekdone

OKR software to foster good OKR habits with your teams

First-hand knowledge from OKR experts.

Get up to speed and learn the essentials of OKRs

Individually crafted learning based on your experience.