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European Youth Awards 2014 shortlist

World Summit Award Mobile 2014 shortlist

Slideshare featured presentation

Estonian Best Mobile Application 2014

Best Mobile App Smart Defence special award

ADC*Estonia Design Awards 2014 best mobile app design (gold)

ADC*Estonia Design Awards 2014 best web app design nominee

Slush 2013 Slush Demo Showcase and Pitching Competition winner

5 Ways HR Technology Can Improve Performance Reviews

Performance reviews can become messy when employers don’t have a system for organization of their HR processes. For example, Weekdone enables managers to monitor their employees’ goals, accomplishments and challenges in a single place. As employees complete tasks, Weekdone emails managers weekly status reports to help them gauge their employees’ performance in real time.


Team Management App Weekdone Now Reports To Android

I’m a big fan of the consumerization of the enterprise, which is seeing a host of startups crop up and build apps for the corporate world that take a consumer approach in terms of design, simplicity, social-esque features and a single-use focus. One product that falls squarely into this camp is the team management app Weekdone.


Meet The Winners From Slush, A Massive Startup Competition In Finland

Over 400 startups applied, but only 100 startups had the chance to compete over the last two days. Just four startups became finalists.

Here is the winner of the lightweight track: Weekdone, a startup that wants to help you literally get your week done.


Award-Winning Weekdone Solution Provides Simple Visual Design to Team Management Challenges, Introduces Mobile App

Available on the web and as a brand new iOS app (https://weekdone.com/mobile), Weekdone is already used by thousands of people from SMEs to teams of several hundred users at Fortune 500 companies. Fueled by poorly met demand for simple and beautiful business tools on tablets and mobiles, Weekdone's early investors include Skype founding engineer Ahti Heinla, as well as former backers and executives of Odnoklassniki, Russia's largest social network.


Apps for tracking workers' productivity: Nothing to fear

A new raft off apps have been developed that promise to improve productivity by encouraging staff and management to review and comment on an employee's work. Weekdone, a start-up founded by Juri Kaljundi in Tallinn, produces one such tool. It provides an interactive platform on which workers can record their labours and managers can track them, e-mailing sparsely-designed but data-rich reports to its users, some who work at Fortune 500 companies, every week.


Estonian Startup Weekdone Takes The Pain Out Of Team Management And Those Pesky PPP Reports

It’s certainly true the app looks the part — it recently won best Internet application at the Estonian Design Awards, for whatever that is worth — but it’s the simple (and, perhaps, realistic) work-flow that makes Weekdone appealing. Striking the balance between data input and the usefulness of what comes out at the other end is key to any type of productivity app, not least an app that is in part monitoring employee “happiness”.


Estonian Employee Productivity Monitoring Tool Weekdone Launches iOS App, Wins Design Awards

Using Weekdone, the managers can now easily receive weekly updates about the tasks their employees are working on, and how they are completing their tasks. There is an automatic reminder sent to the team members every week about the need to complete a simple plan for the coming week, and report on the progress of the existing week. With a launch of the iOS app they can achieve that on the go. The web version of the product has also been updated.

Last weekend at the Estonian Design Competition the startup has received gold prize, although an increasing interest from Fortune 500 and small businesses alike is a more important achievement of this new startup, launched only in January 2013 (although no specific figures have been disclosed).


Estonian startup Weekdone launches to help managers collect weekly employee reports

The reports will allow employees to share concerns, plans, and goals with their managers, which will ideally allow the company to become more efficient by ensuring that all employees remain on the same page.


Talentag Launches Weekdone Employee Status Reporting Service

Keeping an eye on your employees or team can still be messy, but Tallinn-based Talentag has launched a new employee status reporting service called Weekdone. Clearly there are a lot of competitors out there- such as Basecamp, Pivotal, or Asana, and we've even experimented with a few of these tracking solutions at the ArcticStartup office to help stay on top of things. But eventually all of them became more trouble than they were worth, and were difficult to fit into our workflow. Jüri Kaljundi, co-founder of Weekdone, says that they see their strength in simplicity by giving updates on key items - something everyone has time to read.