Generate a stunning visual team report
for Asana, JIRA or Basecamp

One click to connect and get a pretty printable dashboard report for your team's weekly performance.
It's fully automated - set and forget. Once per week we analyze your data and deliver you the report.

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Looking for full team collaboration and weekly employee reporting app? Try Weekdone.
  Weekdone Asana reporting Weekdone Basecamp reporting Weekdone JIRA reporting Weekdone Team Collaboration
Single-user Single-user Single-user Multi-user
Weekly e-mail reports
PDF reports
Show tasks under projects and people
Include/exclude projects and people
Custom weekday/time schedule
Custom periods & monthly reports
Import integrations Asana Basecamp JIRA Asana, Basecamp, Google Tasks, JIRA
One-click set & forget -
Manual data entry - - -
Weekly trend comparisions -
Comments, likes - - -
Daily newsfeed - - -
OKRs - Objectives & Key Results - - -
Reward badges and scoreboards - - -
Free mobile apps for iOS and Android. - - -
Usable as task manager - - -
Submit items via e-mail - - -
Happiness ratings - - -
Private manager reviews - - -
Just $9 / month
per company
Just $9 / month
per company
From $10 / month
per company
From $49 / month
per 10 users
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