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Leader’s Guide to Remote Work

How to set up and run a successful, high-performing remote team?

Remote team ebook to help you run a virtual team from home. It has everything you need to know about setting goals, weekly reporting and remote work tools.

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Performance Management with OKRs

What are business goals? How to set them? Why your employees need to know them?

In this book we take a look at some of the more popular methods for tracking progress, setting goals and managing your internal processes.

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What are OKRs?

How to set, use, and succeed with Objectives and Key Results?

A book about how to set Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) by Weekdone goal setting platform. Learn about OKR with examples and templates.

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Objectives and Key Results: The Book

Advanced Guide to OKRs

“Objectives and Key Results: The Book” is an advanced guide to getting started with OKRs. By following the guidance in this book, you’ll increase your chances of successfully implementing OKRs and give your company the push it needs to grow.

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Step by Step Guide to OKRs

Ultimate Guide for OKR Goal Setting

This “Step by Step Guide to OKRs” is a practical guide to goal setting that offers concrete examples to help you start setting impactful and meaningful goals. This book teaches you how to manage a team better and create a feeling of success.

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Leader's Guide: Building High-Performing Teams

Weekdone's resources to help leaders and managers improve their teams and get more done.

At first glance leadership seems like magic. There seem to be so many unknowns. Some say it's more like art than science. That's not true.

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Turning Objectives into Results

Smarter Methods for Team Collaboration

Leadership and management are a mix of art and science. Gut feeling and emotions are definitely important. Having good tools, organized processes and methodologies are still an immense help to any leader who is eager to build successful teams.

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