Step by Step Guide to OKRs

A practical OKR book to help you start using Objectives and Key Results in your company.

Step by Step Guide to OKRs

Ultimate Guide for using Objectives and Key Results

Most important aspect of running a successful business is setting the right goals and executing them well.

This “Step by Step Guide to OKRs” is a practical guide to goal setting that offers concrete examples to help you start setting impactful and meaningful goals. This book teaches you how to manage a team better and create a feeling of success.

It’s about Objectives and Key Results, better known for their acronym: OKR. This is a “How-to” guide to get started with OKRs and to help your team or a company implement the best goal setting system currently out there.

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You should read this book if:

  • You want to improve your goal setting abilities;
  • You need examples of impactful goals;
  • You want to get more done every day;
  • You are interested in using the same technique that made Google and LinkedIn successful;
  • You’d like to improve your team’s performance;

What you’ll find inside

Getting the Right Tasks Done

Find out how to set the right goals and focus on the important tasks.

Benefits of Setting OKRs

Learn about the most beneficial aspects of using Objectives and Key Results.

History of OKRs

Learn about the evolution of Objectives and Key Results and how it became the popular methodology it is today.

Setting Objectives

Figure out how to set great quarterly objectives that energize your team and keep you on track.

Setting Key Results

Understand how to set and follow SMART key results that make sure you do less fake work everyday while getting closer to your goals.

What are Hierarchical OKRs

Figure out how to set great quarterly objectives that energize your team and keep you on track.

Grading and reviewing OKRs

Understand the process of grading your quarterly goals and improving yourself every week.

Examples of OKRs

Look through a wide variety of example OKRs for different teams to understand what are the best solutions for your company.