Weekdone + Google Sheets

Connect Weekdone to thousands of data sources and keep your KPIs, KRs, and Initiatives updated automatically.

Export numbers from any of your apps and import them to Weekdone via our Google Sheets integration.

Import your KPIs, KRs and Initiatives from other tools

Use Google Sheets to export your KPI, KR and Initiatives numeric values from external tools to Weekdone. Import company, department, team, or personal level KPIs, KRs, and Initiatives and keep them automatically updated.

Keep external data automatically updated

The connection is created within seconds, and updates numbers automatically in Weekdone once per hour. See the correct values for your KPIs, KRs and Initiatives in Weekdone, visualize progress, and eliminate duplicate work.

Extend data import sources beyond Google Sheets

Google Sheets connects to 100+ direct Add-ons, and thousands more via SyncWith | Any API middleware, so you can extend data import sources way beyond Google Sheets. Combine any data on the planet into Google Sheets and import it to Weekdone.

Get integrating

Skip the manual data entry by letting the integration do the work for you. Keep company, department, team, and personal level KPI, KR and Initiatives numbers updated hourly without extra effort.

Learn more about how to set up the integration