Achieve Target KPIs with Weekdone OKR Software

Align company KPIs with measurable Objectives and Key Results.

Give your teams a roadmap to success: elevate KPIs by using OKRs. Set company goals quarterly, achieve team results weekly.

Free for 3 users or 14 days. No credit card required.

How it works

Company Objectives

Leaders create Company Objectives and add KPIs to set the direction teams need to go towards for the quarter.

Learn more.

Team OKRs

Teams develop Objectives and define Key Results that are connected to the big Company Objectives and KPIs.

Learn more.

Weekly plans

Teams set their plans for the week to drive the results needed to move their OKRs and KPIs forward.

Learn more.

OKR coaching

Leaders and teams work closely with our OKR coaches ensuring OKR and KPI best practices become a habit.

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We provide

OKR coaching

Set ambitious goals as company Objectives

Align KPIs with Objectives and Key Results

Get OKR training and advice


Set up your company structure, KPIs and OKRs

Get help with transitioning from spreadsheets or implementing OKRs for the first time


OKR basics – understanding, writing, and aligning OKRs

Weekdone software – navigation, adding KPIs & OKRs, using Weekly Check-in and other features

Lead with confidence. Connect employee work with company goals.

  • Strengthen KPIs by using OKRs for focus and real results
  • Easily align everyone in the company to move in the same direction
  • See KPI and OKR progress in real time
  • Encourage trust through transparency: see what teams are working on
  • Weekly automatic reports help you manage improvement and growth

Weekdone Features

Alignment and linking

Link Team OKRs and KPIs to Company Objectives to see total progress by all teams. Learn more.

OKR dashboards

Beautiful dashboards that show how everyone’s OKRs and KPIs are progressing. Learn more.

Weekly Check-ins

Create weekly plans that drive KPIs and OKRs forward with our Weekly Check-ins. Learn more.

Reporting & Visualization

Visualize your teams’ progress with weekly automated reports and TV dashboard. Learn more.

Company Training Plan

Free team trainings, webinars, and quarterly reviews ensure success with KPI and OKR best practices. Learn more.

Learning Center

Everything you need to know about the OKR methodology and Weekdone. Learn more.

OKR Wizard & examples

Step-by-step guidance for setting quality Objectives and Key Results. Learn more.

Personal OKR coaching

Personalized OKR coaching tailored to your company, teams, and industry. Learn more.


How many people are in your company?

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Seamless integration with tools you already use

The financial benefit of Weekdone is that you can make sure there is no resource going in the wrong direction.


Let us help you

Everyone at Weekdone is dedicated to helping your company successfully implement OKRs, make them a habit in your company, and align your KPIs with OKRs. Have questions? Contact us on live chat or write to — average 2 hour response time.

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Completely free for up to 3 users. 14-day free trial for larger teams.