Blueprint – Continuous Performance Management

💡 This is an example template structure for conducting OKR Management & Strategy Execution in Weekdone (4 steps)

The Structure

Set Annual OKRs

These will be the high level strategy pillars for the whole Company

Set Team Quarterly OKRs

Distribute the large annual OKRs between teams and divide them to quarters

Measure Results

Get instant results and performance updates through visual graphs and reports

Quick Setup


Start by defining your company’s long term strategy using Annual OKRs on the Company level as the highest branch in the goal tree.


Create Team level Quarterly OKRs and distribute your strategy pillars between your teams as the lower branches of the goal tree.


Measure your strategy execution levels when you need via visual OKR dashboards available in Statistics page.


Turn on Personal level from the “Quick setup” in bottom left hand corner to enable team members to track their weekly work (PPP) for better work structure.

This is a simple way to build up a working OKR framework in Weekdone. It requires a small amount of time to set things up but a lot of work to complete the OKRs you set. Weekdone team wishes you good luck!

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