Blueprint – Weekly Progress Reporting

💡 This is an example template structure for setting up Weekly Progress Reporting system in Weekdone (4 steps)

The Structure

Set Goals and Objectives

Set quarterly personal goals, objectives, projects and metrics to track them

Get Weekly Progress Reports

Get weekly employee updates on plans, progress and problems

Measure Pulse and Satisfaction

Measure and visualize regular pulse, engagement and satisfaction

Give Feedback and Conduct 1:1 Check-ins

As a leader, give feedback, praise and conduct 1:1s

Set the Framework Up


Start by either choosing the Company level or selecting a specific team and define their OKRs.


Navigate to the bottom left help box and select “Quick setup” to enable “Weekly Planning & Reporting” + “1:1 Weekly reviews” for later usage.


You can now navigate to any level from Personal to Company and click on “Weekly Items” to open up your live report of the week.


To conduct a 1:1 feedback session with an employee, navigate to their personal profile by clicking on their name, scroll down to the bottom and start a 1:1 discussion. The discussion will only be visible to you (team manager) and the employee.


This is an example of how you can build up the weekly progress reporting system in Weekdone for managing your company’s weekly work. Weekdone team wishes you good luck!

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