Example OKR Email Reports from Weekdone

Take advantage of Weekdone email reports to reflect on your company’s OKR progress.

OKR progress report

This report you can get weekly, monthly or quarterly. You can get the OKR progress reports for the entire company or just for your team.

OKR progress by levels

A view of all of the OKRs progress by level and by status. Status will show you if have any OKRs that are at risk or off track.

Company level Objectives progress

Overall status report based on the progress of Team OKRs aligned to the company-wide direction.

Business dev OKR progress report

A list of the various Team’s OKR progress, including the Weekly Team Summary (if one was added).

Growth team OKR progress

Example of Team’s OKR progress without a Weekly summary.

Product team OKR progress

Product Team OKR progress bar is yellow because the OKRs are at risk of not succeeding. Colors quickly tell you the progress of the OKR.

Exceeded – Blue
On Track – Green
At Risk – Yellow
Off Track – Red

Weekly email report grouped by people

You can get the entire company weekly email report or a weekly email report just for your team, grouped by people.

Weekly summary for leaders

Status of everyone’s weekly plans. If someone didn’t enter any plans that week, it will be noted on the bottom in red.

Company Objective Status

Status of the Company Objectives.

Business Dev OKR status

Breakdowns from each individual team. This is an example for the Business Development Team. The breakdown always starts with the Team OKRs.

Hilary weekly status

Individual team member’s plans, progress (done), problems (if any) and 5-star ratings.

John weekly status

Comments are also shown if anybody commented on someone’s update in the newsfeed.

Product Team OKR update

The next team’s OKR progress, which will be followed by weekly plans from individuals on that team.

Derek Weekly Summary

Problems can give you insights into how the week went for an employee.

Paul Weekly Summary

Hashtags are available to easily follow updates on a specific topic. Click on the hashtag in the report to see all plans that use the hashtag.

Rebecca weekly summary

Weekly Check-ins allow teams to easily stay in communication without endless meetings.

Weekly email report grouped by category

You can get the entire company weekly email report or a weekly email report just for your team, grouped by category.

Company OKR summary

Overview of your Company OKRs and their progress.

plans weekly summar

Everyone’s weekly plans, listed in alphabetical order by first name. These are the plans people entered on Friday that they plan on working on next week.

Done weekly summary

Everyone’s items in “Done” (or “Progress”), listed in alphabetical order by first name. The team name is noted in all categories.

Problems weekly summary

A list of problems people encountered during the week (if they entered any).

Team's 5 star rating on Job Satisfaction

Everyone’s 5-star rating on job satisfaction for the week. You can customize these categories. Default is Job Satisfaction, Energy Level and Team Spirit.

Breakdown by category ends with a weekly overview of your team’s Weekly Check-ins and Weekdone activity.