OKR Software for Goal Tracking and Status Reporting

Set structured goals to align activities throughout your organization.
Track weekly progress, provide feedback, and move everyone in a unified direction.

Free for 3 users or 15 days. No credit card required.


Organize your goals and improve team coordination with OKR


Track weekly activities to create more visible and interconnected teams


Support and guide your team with personalized discussions

Feedback &

Praise progress towards goals and boost morale with peer recognition

Let’s Tackle Your Team’s Problems

Old tools fail

Before it was basically Excel or Word document. It wasn’t transparent and I felt that a lot of people who had to read them, didn’t. I think Weekdone helps with a lot of that.

Michael Hwang, Marketing Manager

Remote Work

COVID-19 forced us to work remotely. We found out that Weekdone OKRs actually makes the daily and weekly tracking transparent. Both the app and the interface were far more beautiful than the other options we looked at.

Michael Barwell, CEO

Everything’s a Mess

The clear benefit of Weekdone is that we are more aligned, structured and people feel more connected.

Kaspar von Grünberg, CEO

The flow to success

  • Quarterly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • As needed
  • 1 Set quarterly goals
  • 2 Plan your week
  • 3 Share progress
  • 4 Provide feedback
  • 5 Get regular reports

Only the Best Practices for You

What are OKRs?

OKR – Objectives and Key Results – is a popular, best practice strategic planning process for setting, communicating, and tracking quarterly goals and results in organizations. OKRs are used religiously by companies such as Google, Linkedin, and Twitter to move their teams in a unified direction.

What is PPP Reporting??

PPP – Plans, Progress, Problems – is a proven technique for weekly team planning and status reporting. Weekly check-ins and status meetings are used at companies like Google, Skype, and eBay to increase focus, add transparency, and track achievement.

Tools to Empower and Engage

Quarterly Objectives +
Key Results

Easily set, manage, and track long-term objectives. Assign and link objectives for your company, departments, teams and people using a tree-like hierarchy.

Weekly Check-ins +
Progress Tracking

Stay up to date with your team’s activities using weekly check-ins. Everyone shares their most important plans, accomplishments and challenges without the hassle of a full meeting.

Regular Reports +
Visual Dashboards

Understand company wide progress at a glance with weekly and quarterly reports delivered to your email or mobile. Access real-time dashboards and metrics at any time.

We’re Here to Help

Everyone, even our CEO, is happy to answer your questions & get you started.
Contact us on live chat or write to hello@weekdone.com — average 2 hour response time.

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