Weekdone’s Solutions:

Team Compass

Weekly check-ins and meetings to move your team in the right direction.

  • Check-ins & Pulse Surveys
  • Meetings & Standups
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Weekly Planning & Reporting

For leaders who want more engaged and productive teams.

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OKR software and coaching to ensure a results-driven company culture.

  • Objectives & Key Results
  • Initiatives, Hierarchy, & Linking
  • OKR Reports
  • OKR Coaching & Onboarding

For SMEs and startups who want to build a goal-oriented culture.

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OKR Software and Coaching to Ensure a Results-Driven Company Culture

Get started with OKRs today!

How it works


Company Objectives

Leaders create Company Objectives to set the direction teams need to go towards for the quarter.

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Team OKR

Team OKRs

Teams develop Objectives and define Key Results that will work towards the Company Objective.

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Weekly plans

Weekly plans

Employees set plans for the week that they think will drive the results (outcomes) needed to move their Team OKRs forward.

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Learn OKRs with Weekdone

OKR coaching

80% of companies fail the first time they try to implement OKRs. To ensure our customers don’t fail, our OKR coaches work closely with leaders and teams so that OKR best practices successfully become a part of the company culture.

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Before it was basically Excel or Word document. It wasn’t transparent and I felt that a lot of people who had to read them, didn’t. I think Weekdone helps with a lot of that.

Michael Hwang, Marketing Manager

OKR Consulting and Training for Lasting Changes

OKRs need a lot of driving to be successful in your company. Our OKR consultants and features help train you and your team in the best practices, find the right champion, and make sure you have the resources and knowledge needed to implement OKRs.

OKR coaching

Review your Objectives and Key Results

Check and adjust the alignment of your OKRs

Get your questions answered and OKR advice

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Set up your company structure and OKRs

Get tips on transition from spreadsheets or implementing OKRs for the first time

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OKR basics – understanding, writing, and aligning OKRs

Weekdone usage – navigation, adding OKRs, using Weekly Check-in and other features

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Weekdone is helping us track, build structure, and see transparently what other teams are working on.

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OKR progress report email

Keep OKRs in Focus

  • Plan with OKRs in mind – Easily add weekly plans directly under Team Objectives
  • Weekly OKR Reports – Quickly view OKR progress and the plans teams have to move their OKRs forward. See an example.
  • Full transparency – all OKR and Company Objectives and plans in Weekdone are visible to everyone.

Let our team help you

Everyone is dedicated to helping your team successfully implement OKRs and make them a habit in your company. Have questions?Contact us on live chat or write to hello@weekdone.com — average 2 hour response time.

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