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Quarterly Objectives + Weekly Updates

Set structured goals to align activities throughout your organization via leading OKR software. Track weekly plans and progress. Provide feedback and move everyone in a unified direction.

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Visualize OKR Hierarchy

Let’s Tackle Your Team’s Problems

The Flow to Success

  • Quarterly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • As needed
  • 1 Set quarterly goals
  • 2 Plan your week
  • 3 Share progress
  • 4 Provide feedback
  • 5 Get regular reports

Tools to Empower and Engage

Easiest to use OKR software that’s faster than competition

Access all OKRs with just 1-2 clicks

No long forms – just click, type and add

Update everything inline with one click

Quick sidebar acccess to any team, department, or person

Replicates your organization structure and hierarchy

Engage Teams with Weekly Planning and Feedback


Stay up to date on initiatives with project status tracking.

Feedback and Recognition

Receive or give feedback and praise.

Slack and Teams Integration

Integrations with the tools you already use.

Social Newsfeed

Engage with your coworkers via the newsfeed.

Drive employees to:

Focus on what’s important – their team objectives

Share weekly plans, progress and problems

Connect with their team

Be heard by their leader

Make OKRs a Part of Weekly Discussions

Weekly team meetings should always cover OKRs, KPIs and projects. Use the team view to conduct structured weekly meetings.

Everyone checks-in weekly and comes to meetings prepared

Reduce meeting time by sharing beforehand what’s been done

Make sure OKRs are not forgotten about or disjointed from real work

Advanced weekly reporting via e-mails

Why Every Leader Needs Weekdone

Build a more productive and efficient company

Focus on what matters

Quickly know what’s happening

Make informed decisions

Align and organize your team

Engage and inspire

Measure satisfaction

Based on Best Practices

Free Coaching and Support

Free training included

To ensure you don’t fail, our coaches work closely with you so that the best practices successfully become a part of your company culture. We train you and your team for free in the best practices of OKRs and automated team reporting.

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