Green 🐸 Weekdone

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There are no bigger risks to our world, society, and nature than biodiversity loss and climate change.

As a company, our mission at Weekdone is to do whatever we can in our operations to mitigate these challenges and give back to nature.

Buy and consume less

Decrease buying

The biggest problem in our society is overconsumption. We are depleting our world and nature of resources. That is not sustainable. The best way to be more eco-friendly to the climate and nature is to simply buy less and consume less. We keep that in mind as we operate by thinking of what services or physical goods we could go without. 

Don’t always buy new

As tech companies, it sounds exciting to always buy new computers, phones, or gadgets. In reality these are often not needed and old tools still work. Using a phone or computer for 2 times longer than usual halves the resource usage. 

Re-use and recycle

We make sure to recycle what we don’t need. We also also work to decrease the amount of packaging and plastic bought in first place.

Be CO2 neutral

Carbon offset

We have been fully carbon neutral since 2019 via carbon offsetting. We try to choose local projects that also contribute to our home country of Estonia and help to sustain and improve local nature and biodiversity.

Decrease previous harm

We also plant to offset all CO2 backdated during our company’s entire existence (from 2010). 

Double- or triple-offset

Since the world still creates more greenhouse gases and not everyone offsets, we have decided to invest more than our own footprint into climate activities. We will triple our offsets by buying CO2 offsets, planting trees, and then buying green energy certificates of the same quantity. 

Green energy

Buy green energy

We try to choose green carbon neutral energy packages, ideally wind and solar. In shared offices where we can’t choose our electricity packages, we have bought green energy cancellation certificates. Based on those, all of our electricity in 2019 came from Estonian solar energy. 

Improve office heating

Living in cold climate – hello -30 C winters! – means a big part of our energy consumption goes to heating. Over the coming years, we will investigate what we can do to consume less energy and for it to be green.


Work from home and encourage remote work.

A big part of any company’s footprint is daily employee transportation to and from the office. As a distributed team we rarely all meet. You can decrease going to the office and visit it just a few days per week. Even that can halve your fuel usage.

Use public transport

Choose offices close to public transport hubs. Both our offices are walking distance from train stations, bus stations, and public transport stops.

Walk and cycle

What a wonderful invention walking is!

Use online remote team tools

By using our own Weekdone weekly check-ins and quarterly planning tool among others, working from home is just as effective as the office.

Zero business flights taken

Maybe you don’t need to go to all those conferences and meeting? Use video conferencing and other online tools.

Nature and biodiversity

Plant trees

Reforestation is a great way to sequester carbon and increase biodiversity in the nature.

We support planting native broad-leaved trees (oak, ash, elm, linden, maple, etc.) in Estonia, as their coverage area is decreasing and they are rarely planted in for-profit forests.

We also join tree planting events with our team. We’ve currently provided donations to plant 2500 trees (over 1 hectare) and will increase that quantity each year.

Educating customers and employees

Please follow us in enacting change. We’ve just started with our green initiatives, but we will be communicating more to our employees, customers, partners, and society about how to be more green and sustainable as we go. Join us in making the world a better place for every creature and species!

Support other green organizations

Tech Green Pledge

We are one of the charter members of the Tech Green Pledge, a non-profit made up of international green startups and tech companies, which encourages its members to develop products to allow customers to be greener, decreasing our internal footprints, and creating better analytical tools to measure our effect. We take an active role in the ‘our footprint’ working group.

Estonian Fund for Nature

Donated to the leading Estonian non-governmental organization dedicated to nature conservation. Their mission is to preserve endangered species and their habitats, natural landscapes, and natural associations typical of Estonia. We support their “Carbon neutral Estonia in 2035” initiative.

Estonian Green Movement

Donated to a non-profit organisation for environmental protection the aim of which is to improve the environmental situation in Estonia and to guide our society to sustainable, green thinking. Supporting their “Carbon Neutral Estonia in 2035” initiative.


We helped found and donated to Koosloodus Foundation, a non-profit nature organisation, focusing on keeping and increasing biodiversity in Estonia. We help plant trees, install birdhouses, and protect old natural forests.